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Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy birthday 2 me

This year bday kidna special. Something hapenned. Good n bad aso......

Da good thing is i got my dear bf 2 accom me. Although dun hv any expensive or special present, i still feel so warm. Even though jz a card...... But its sweet enough.

Feel so happy 2 b ur side. Muakzzzz......

N da bad thing is.......... jz........ dun feel like mention it here........ sighhh

Friday, May 27, 2005

i had enuff for dis!!!

2day, happen again, shit happened. Ask me 2 mk changes wif dat shit again, urggg..... okok.... since u r da big 1, u ask me change i change for u. But as for your info, its sure wun b nice lor.....

Doesnt show respect at all, now till d end, aso hv 2 back 2 da 1st point, for wat u need me do so many useless thing? urgggg...... Fedup! Feel dat my decision is right, hv 2 leave here! Find sum 1 else who reli appreciate n respect!

Jz think design work is easy isit? Den u guys do by urself lor!!! I dun mind at all.... I jz hv 2 wit 2 more days.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

hung fook

Recently i oways OT, till veli late or even saturday or public holiday aso OT. Means that da time 2 accompany my honey getting lesser n lesser. Feel so sorry bout that. Sighh~~~

But he is so understanding. That day he called me while i m working, i feel so sorry that kenot accom him but he say nvm. I feel so hung fook 2 hv such a understanding bf. Last nite, i also OT till 12am ++ , he called me wether i drive my car. I say nope, den he say he come 2 fetch me wen i m ready. A while more, he called again n ask wether still left more work, i ask wether he feel tired n wanna sleep d? So i can call my mum 2 pick me up. But he say no, jz worry i get too tired. Thats so sweet....... Hehehehe...... Feel so hung fook now....... ^-^

But lately he also trouble by his job, sumtimes seems so manythings 2 think. But i am helpless.... Sighh..... Hope he faster let out of this. Godbless..........

Thursday, May 19, 2005

wat is da purpose 4 hv-ing police?

This is da actual meaning:

po·lice ( P ) Pronunciation Key (p-ls)n. pl. police
>> The governmental department charged with the regulation and control of the affairs of a community, now chiefly the department established to maintain order, enforce the law, and prevent and detect crime.

>> A body of persons making up such a department, trained in methods of law enforcement and crime prevention and detection and authorized to maintain the peace, safety, and order of the community.
>> A body of persons having similar organization and function: campus police. Also called police force.
(used with a pl. verb) Police officers considered as a group.
>> Regulation and control of the affairs of a community, especially with
respect to maintenance of order, law, health, morals, safety, and other matters affecting the public welfare.
-- Informal. A group that admonishes, cautions, or reminds: grammar police; fashion police.
>> The cleaning of a military base or other military area: Police of the barracks must be completed before inspection. >> The soldiers assigned to a specified maintenance duty. tr.v. po·liced, po·lic·ing, po·lic·es
>> To regulate, control, or keep in order with or as if with a law enforcement agency.
>> To make (a military area, for example) neat in appearance: policed the barracks.

But how come now i only see they robing out bloody sweat money? Sighh...... I dun hv good impression for dem. Since i was young..... Mummy oways show me dos cases. Sighh..... useless..... In thier mind oni figuring how 2 grab more $ frm innocent us.

They wun bully rich ppl, cz dey got alot of $ n power. They scare dem, respect. But for us dis kinda poor ppl, jz keep on bully us. Sighhh..... They are protecting us? Mayb still got sum of dem r CLEAN. But most...... useless n hopeless.

Case study:
  1. When everywhere is having a heavy traffic jam, they oni noe hide in dos corner 2 catch ppl who wish 2 faster reach da destination n use da emergency lane. Why dun u go n control the traffic n make sure it wun jam? So that we no need 2 use dis kinda ways? Bcz u din control it, mk da jam worse n every 1 stuck in da jam!
  2. Hide in da corner n wait u got sum mistake den POP OUT n say crapzzzz...... "Nak saman ker?" Duhh!!! Who 1 2 hv saman my dear officer! If u r a rich guy n du 1 2 c thier c2p greedy face, u will ask dem 2 gv out da fine. But if ur pocket oni got $60 n need 2 use dat 2 survive till d month end, wat will u do? Sure u will ask for sum SPECIAL FINE! After the UNDERSTANDING of the PAYMENT. They will show u a warm smile n say nex time dun b lid dis ya! WTF!!! This is call ppl who protect us?
  3. Ppl who park thier cars middle da road till da whole road damn jam bcz dos c2p pigs need 2 go TOTO, Magnum, wat wat 3d + 4d. Then at dat time wer r dos USEFULL pigs? All gone ya?
  4. If they r keep improving n every second aso keep on tracking da safetiness of our social, how come da criminal still keep on increase har? Just doin useless n let dos ppl lepak out der! hmpppp

Enuff 4 dat, dis episod till here, continue wen i think of sumthing, now brain too messy, cz watshing sumthing wow..... blur d.....

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

new life?

Long time din update my blog d. Bz? Nope, i dun think so, jz dat nth 2 blog. Or dos thing dat i 1 2 share hvn reach da correct time yet. Or can say as LAZY~~

So... Wats goin on here? I resigned d, waiting for my boss reply me. For wat purpose? I aso not sure, he zj say will reply me by 2day, but till now aso din him turn out yet. Get use 2 it d, everytime lid dat. Neva change.

Nex month goin 2 new company work. Dono wat will happend there, will it b fun? or bored? Hows da ppl der? Huh..... God bless..... Hope life will reli getting better.

After dis i cant teach anymore, i think..... cz if need OT, den i need 2 cancell class. Its unfair 2 dem aso. So better end.

No tuition means my income gonna less. Could i survive wif dat? I reli dono. Sumtimes feel nervous, or can say as worry...... cz i seems still cant c my future clearly at dis moment. Or i dun hv any future at all? Hahaha..... Who noes.....

Recently munnn aso unemployed. He seems like thinking ltos of thing, sumtimes unhapi der.... But i dono how 2 cheer him up, sighh........ Hope he will get da coconut soon.



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