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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

my heart missing u

2day is da day my HP expired....... Need 2 reload. N u din work 2day, cz u SICK~~
i cant sms u, cant call u, can c u online........ Suddenly feel HP n NET r so important. Hehehe........
Rest more ya....... muacks~~~~~~~

cow~~ KFC~~ hmpppp~~

Wen i was gving my tution, i receive a sms frm my dearest HIM. He said he is FORCED 2 go for a KFC wif his frens. Dating dat he promised will bcome >>> c how 1st.....
sighhh....... He dump me away bcz of a meal of KFC dat is FOC. Shd i angry 4 dat? Hmpppp..... at da 1st time i did, wen he explain how he got da KFC, not da moment dat he told me he has been forced. How can he being FORCED 2 eat KFC, sure he fatt hao 1 2 go gerrrr..... Cz chinese phrase says dat >> if a cow doesn 1 2 drink water, u cant force its head bow 2 drink water. So sure he aso 1 2 go for da KFC.
After dat according 2 his explaination is meet me kenot make him full, but KFC can~~~~~~ sob sob.........
He make me feel we wun meet yest, but finally we met, cz of i said:

Haha..... After dat he came 2 meet me jz bcz not 2 follow my 6 sense..... Wakakaka........ aso not bad, atleast i c him. Kekeke....... Beware of sickness >>> u ate so many FRIED CHICKEN..... ngek ngek ngek~~~~~~

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Arrggggg!!! SICK~~ (part II)

continue for da sicknessssssss

da fever was gone since i taken all dos smelly yucky medicine, but da sore throat still here. N it seems 2 b worse...... URGGG...... Wut 2 do, i du 1 2 go 4 doc d, cz i oledi claim 4 previous time, cant b claim 2 times a month isit? Sighhh.... So jz let it b 1st, hope it will recover by it own, i din eat rice 4 many days d. But its not da main point, cz i aso dun LOVE 2 eat rice. Jz dat i cant even swallow my saliva, dats da prob. It reli pain.
Sum 1 ask isit reli dat pain ar? Or jz i cant take even a small pain? Believe anot, its reli pain. Dats wur i can say. Last nite sleep veli early 2 replc da tireness for da nite b4 last nite, but seems still cant make it. Cz i still feel sleepy here early in da morning.
Conclusion is i still got my sore throat n no spirit 2 work now.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Arrggggg!!! SICK~~


sick = medicine = yucksssss

Wanna post dis 2days d, but regarding 2 da sickness >> too blur 2 type.

1st day :: 19042005 ::

Cz of da c2p namecard problem, i started 2 feel headache. At first i tot jz bcz of da PRESSURE of da work make me feel headache, so i try not 2 think dos problem but it doesnt work, it keep on aching.


Finished work, but still headache. Da worse thing is my body getting warmer n warmer. I feel fever.... I ask my mum 2 test it 4 me, cz u noe la, mum oways b da 1 who test dis kinda body heat. But she say: Naaaaa..... Nth la, jz abit oni...... den i trust, ok, it might b i too sensitive on it. Awhile more would b fine.
I nap while my mum send me 2 my student's house. After dat, my mum ask me 2 eat sumthing dat she prepared. Oh goshhh, guess wats dat? Cute little ASAM LAKSA againnnn....... I'm eating dat 4 few days d, last nite bcz of rushing time, i even eat da noodles wif half warmed oni..... Den my mum wondering y i can heat it so fast, but she dont noe her poor little daughter is eating cold noodles. Cz i NEED 2 cook n finish it within 5mins. N 1 thing i let her GEK DOU is~~ wen he is back, she shout: 2day is last episod! argggg...... her daughter is hungry is rushing time man, wat u concern jz da drama? sob......
Ok ok, enuff 4 da flash back. I dun 1 later gastric again, so i ate da ASAM LAKSA. N i tot it was ok.


I'm tutoring. I feel very uncomfortable, i sms my honey, told him i feel bad here n feel like 1 2 vomit. But i try 2 stand it cz its quite embarrass 2 vomit in student's house. But jz after the sms, i run 2 da washroom but i started 2 feel dizzy, my view bcome blur, i noe wats goin on, i m goin 2 faint. I tell myself i cant faint, NONONO..... n da most ugly thing is b4 i reach da toilet bowl, i vomited.... YUCKS~~~~ i used my hand 2 cover 2 avoid dos "things" drop 2 da floor. In da same time, i run towards da "bowl". HUH~~ finally done, but but but....... 1 thing is, i m in a malay's house, der r NO toilet roll or any tissue. ARGGG~~~~ so i jz can use water 2 clean up. Samo da thing get into my nose wen i use my hand 2 cover, dats reli disgusting. But no choice.
After dat, i continue da class. I tot i feel better, jz wish da time goes faster. So i can go back soon. Honey reply me a sms ask me hows it, ask me if i reli cant stand it jz vomit, den i reply him i oledi vomited. Sighh.... At da moment, i feel like POOOH~~~ shit, reli shit dis time. I tell my students i need 2 go washroom again. b4 i go in da washroom, i feel blur again. i cant even c da light switch clearly, jz simply touch n on sumthing. I close da door, faster take out my pants, but i feel i almost faint, hands r nearly kenot b control. At dis moment, i heard my phone rang, it muz b him, but i reli cant get it. I force myself 2 b awake, den faster sit on da toilet bowl. Cant care other things d, din even think bout how i gonna clean my butt after POOH, cz no toilet roll here..... After awhile, i feel better. Washed my butt, get out frm da washroom n continue teach till d end.


Back home n called my dear. Told him i cant stand it, need 2 rest now. He aso blur n answer some blur answer 2 me. Haha.... den i get into bed.


Get up n feel whole body aching. I called him n say i hvn send da file 2 his fren, he say go 2 send now. i got up 2 send. After dat, i try 2 find some PANADOL in my kitchen although i dun like it. But i feel i need it now. But da result is >> i cant find any of it. Sighh, get back 2 bed might n hope 2molo will b better.

2nd day :: 20042005

I get up cz considering whether still going 2 work. But last month i oledi took MC, dis month again? HUH..... so i decided 2 work, cz i tot i m OK. But wen i reached office, i feel worse, i jz rest on my desk n da sofa. Too aching, suffering.


i cant stand it anymore, called my mum 2 fetch me back.


went 2 look 4 doc, she test my heat, n say: wow, its quite high fever ya, but u still can look like nth..... sighhh..... so she gv me sumthing dat i hate i asked me 2 finsih it. Ya ya, its medicine. Samo dis time diff, got a pill is to insert 2 my ass hole........... arggggggggg.......... wats dat? ASS HOLE? yuckssss....... horrible, no 1 can PLAY wif dat, she ask i need she insert for me or i go back n insert myself. I answered i will do it by my own.


Back home. Took da medicine, its........ yucks...... especially da antibiotic, its so big n smelly, diff frm previous type. I hate dat smell!!!!!!!!!!!! N i inserted da thing in2 my ass hole. Weird feeling. ARGGGG~~~~~ My mum even ask me did i insert 2 da rite plc, or i kenot diff pussy n ass......... Hmpppp...... Her daughter sick till like dis she still 1 2 tease me.... sob sob..... Go 2 bed.


Honey suddenly call me n ask me go out 2 collect sumthing, he bought Tong Sui for me n my mum, cz he say after medicine will feel hou tam tam, so buy Tong Sui for me. So touching......

3rd day :: 21042005

Sleep till blur d. Honey came 2 find me, said 1 2 fuk si me but end up seems i fuk si him more den he fuk si me. Samo cook for him. Hmpppp....... But still hapi 2 meet him. Kekekeke........

4th day :: 22042005

Now..... sitting at office. Sore throat seems like getting worse. This morning cant even finsih my breakfast dats poridge. Sighhh..... pain arrrr.............. How? arggggg....... still need 2 eat 2 more da smelly yuckky antibiotic dat make my mouth aso smelly.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New toilet bowl period

Recently i found out every1 is having da same problem, or mayb its not a problem. It is da NEW TOILET BOWL period. Cz since da day fresnter launch da c2p blog, every1 rushing 2 own 1, after dat, cz of da new toilet bowl effect, all go n post alot post on it (jz like me). But after 1 week, all quiet d. Cz da toilet bowl dun hv da NEW smell d.

Haha, not oni me, i m not da oni alien dat hv NEW toilet bowl period, kekekeke...... every1 aso da same.

Monday, April 18, 2005

annual gathering for KC gals 2000

Attention pls, attention pls.

Our beloved KC 2000 graduates, here to inform u our annual gathering (1st of may) is coming soon.This year we also meet at Starbucks (outdoor) Times Square @ 12pm.
Pls inform me (012-2528286) or mei san (012-2088045) whether u will attend dis gathering.Reli hope u will appear in our gathering.... c ya!

meng ting

PS: pls help me 2 spread out dis news 2 others dat i might left.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Designer should not work OverTime

Designer should not work OverTime, if a designer work OT, menas da comapny management havin problems, n create trouble to teams aso. >>>> frm my x- lecturer >>> Mr Luk.

Quite true isit?

Pls gv shout out if u feel dat too.......

Here is da link for dis topic >>> fusionwave

Following r sum of da post dat posted in da site:

1. We need to respect from each others.Respect clients is our first princple during the creative process.Clients are not from creative background.We should spend more time and patient to educate them in design.In another way,clients will spend more time on sharing the marketing direction and experience with us during the project project discussion.Client and design company have to grow together during process of working.
9 Apr 2005

2. Design Factory and Design company.Sometime is sad to say that,most of creative companies in Malaysia are Design Factories, not Design Companies.Design Factory are those company who keep spoil the client and fullfill whatever clients'instruction without profssional advice and quote in a very low price with a short deadline.These Factories keep creating rubbish in our sociaty such as useless brochure,leaftlet, stupid radio ads, unfunctional websites etc.End of day, creative works are covered by huge "creative rubbish" that created by this kind of companies.Is your firm consider a Design Factory or a Design Company?Pls click Post to reply.
10 Apr 2005

3. true frm da heart, but i m not da boss, boss ask me do dat i hv 2 do, cz client gv boss many $$ 2 create sum shit, n boss keep sayin OK OK OK, no problem 2 client. so wat we can do is try 2 decorate da shit not to look too shitty....
11 Apr 2005

4. ya ya, n da OT problem, need 2 work like hell, but din pay like heaven, dats da problem, even a lousy OL got OT pay, but us, lagi teruk den a OL, work so hard for wat huh? reli oni 2 satisfy our design will? but we still hv 2 eat isit? atleast got pay OT we will got more spirit 2 do for u. we OT 2 make $ 4 u, but we din get more $, unfair. n its ur problem 2 promise client 2 ready in a period dat u noe its impossible 2 finish up, u noe sure MUZ OT. n u take it as NORMAL thing, y designer OT bcome a normal thing? seems like market saying a deisnger dat without OT is not a good designer, wat a crap theory?
11 Apr 2005

5. Over Time work. A good designer or a good design firm should not working on OT.But most Malaysia Design Company need their staff to work OT without paying.OT shows that the managment of a company already occur some problems, especially time management,productions management and client management.Company that keep on working on OT but still do not produce good work. Are you working on OT now ? If yes, you have the rights to point out the useless of your bos and your team.Life is short, no one suppose to spend the time on a crap job and a crap campany.Pick a right company and do a right thing.Click Post to reply on this issue.
12 Apr 2005

6. but now most of da designers thought changed. Work OT bcome a TYPICAL way for dem.
12 Apr 2005

7. Stick this in mind,WHY need to do OT,is it becoz ur work lousy or you cannot make the things on time?might not be the company problem...look back,is it yourself or the company,only then make the judgement...i know there is alot of designers always complaint but only come out shit,but true,there is some bosses also like that too...so keep this in mind, do the right thing,put ur full effort in.alittle OT is not a problem,just not too over.soon you will get your reward back.
12 Apr 2005

A says: den y he LUV OT ?
B says: ahah cos he only start work at 11 or 12 something
B says: ehhehe
B says: he likes to play online games
A says: hmpppppppppp
A says: tell him loud la
B says: keep this in mind... don spread it out
A says: cz of got he dis kinda designer
A says: dats y designer need 2 work OT
B says: no no./.. in his mind, he is still our monitor
B says: ahahah
A says: if u work wif full concentration
A says: finished on time
A says: no need OT
B says: yes... some designer only can work at night
A says: dats his management problem
B says: yes
B says: i can say, is ourself problem..
A says: crap reason
A says: dun tell me esigner oni work at nite
B says: if we don ahv problem then ok, but bosses should not ahev the mistake or time management
A says: bla bla bla crap
B says: ahhaha
B says: some designer like toworkat night
B says: they are not able towork in day time
A says: if u think u r a designer who oni can work work at nite
A says: u kenot consider a designer aso
A says: a designer can work in any time
A says: not oni NITE TIME
B says: designer also a human mah.. nothing special one... cos designer need rest too...
A says: ya
A says: siao man
A says: normal working hour aso die d
B says: hai~////
A says: still need OT
B says: yalah
A says: bcz of dis kinda DESIGNER
B says: work for 8 hours a day .. whole day facing pc
B says: sien la
A says: make every 1 need 2 OT
B says: yea.. i can imaging that
B says: i hate OT
A says: cz of dos DEISNGER dat KENoT work in day time, dey NEED to work in nite time dats = OT, make every 1 think dat a designer without OT is Not a Good designer.....
A says: cz dey think dos DESIGNER veli hard working, oways OT, but do dey reli WORK in normal working hours or wat
B says: :)
A says: i admit sum of it reli hardworking n still kenot finish work, cz too many work
B says: too many is becos bosses! collect more and moer project and time arrangement tight! and don wan to hire more ppl!
B says: so OT will come in
A n B msn chatZ
12 Apr 2005

bcz of sum UNconvenient, kenot post da name (will cause war)

9. OT but no money. why should we work OT? cos boss love to see we work for OT!
12 Apr 2005

10. ya, definition for boss >> OT = u r a hardworking employee. no OT = u r not hardworking enuff.
12 Apr 2005

11. but dey din consider for da working time, mayb dey come at 12pm? 11am? n da proper working time is frm 9am?
12 Apr 2005

12. OT in creative industry is cause by few points.1.Company client managment problem.2.Creative team time management problem.3.Designer personal decipline problem.According to most interviewers, OT probelms mainly created by the company management.
12 Apr 2005

Monday, April 11, 2005

working? waiting?

M i working now? I think so. Or jz waiting? Might be.....

Y? Cz i m doing nth here, not 2 say nth 2 do, but all pending. Waiting for boss 2 remember me n bring me for shooting. I reli wish 2 go soon, so dat i can finish da job soon. Now i sitting here i feel guilty. Sigh, seems useless.

Make me feel boring, although i can research alot of thing but........ Jz da feeling not too good.

Sumtimes reli feel like leaving.........

car accident in da early morning (part III)

our car, back der spoiled, kenot open, bumper aso come out abit (blured da car plate, haha) Posted by Hello

4got 2 conclude da accident post, ok. Da taxi driver seems "veli nice" he guide my mummy 2 da work shop dat he noe well, he paid for da repair fees, n even send my mummy back home n send my mum 2 pick up da car wen da car was ready without asking taxi fare.So we got da car on dat day, but still got abit need 2 touch up, so 2day mum will send over n fix again. Den it will b perfect. ^-^

- case close -

car accident in da early morning (part II)

da indian driver is checking his car Posted by Hello

Sunday, April 10, 2005

finaly done

After 1 nite n a haf day, finally done.......

Feel so tired but still not willing 2 sleep yet, cz 2molo goin 2 start working for another 5 days again.

Hope da thing i did is fine...... Hope can pass......

TQ 4 my dear 2 accom me da whole nite, gv me energy. Although we din tok mch in skype at dat time, but i feel mch more better n not so sleepy, cz got him~~~ wow, dats call "da power of luv", haha....

But he reli "geng", seems no need to sleep. I feel damn sleepy here but he still can play game untill morning. Finally till 5am i surrender, i went 4 a nap but foudn out it still cant satisfy me, i still blur, decided 2 sleep. Dat moment, he still awake n playin game, wow!! crazy, wondering how can he stand it.

Dats wat i call da difference between a PIG n a HUMAN. A pig muz sleep more den 12 hours aday, else pig will feel sleepy >> dats me. Human can jz sleep bout few hours a day n dey still look energetic >> dats him.

2day he still come 2 my house accom me finish da THING, so sweet. But i noe he is so boring der cz doin nth, jz can watch TV. haha.......

Luckly i manage 2 finish soon n still got time 2 go out for a walk. Dats so call PAK TOR.

Nth else 2 write d, dats all for 2day, cz my mind start 2 blur d, almost time 4 a PIG 2 sleep. kekekek~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thursday, April 07, 2005

meaningless breakfast

jz bought a pack of vegetarian rice at downstairs. Knew da taste d, sure not nice, it's sum kinda VERY TRADITIONAL VEGETARIAN RICE. 3 dishes included, sure u'll get a fake char siu, a dish dat wif da "jin xuan cao" n sum smelly mushroom n da thing call tree ear mix 2gether n fry. When dos auntie pray wif dat thing, normally dey will cook it like dat, n i dun like dat taste at all.... but no choice, hv 2 eat, cz kenot let da stomach empty early in da morning, scare will gastric again.

suddenly feel dat i doesnt enjoy da meal at all, jz 1 2 fill up my stomach, in dis situation, i feel dis meal is meaningless. cz u will enjoy ur meal wen u feel dat its is taste good. but now..... jz 1 2 fill up da stomach, i feel dats meaningless.

if da rice doesnt hv da chili, sure i cant swallow da whole pack, it reli yucks~~ i even can cook better!

sigh, still hv half pack der, how? =_=!

car accident in da early morning~~ sighh~~

dis morning wen my mummy driving me 2 da office as usual, it was veli jam der (unusual). Suddenly we feel a stong hit, we both aso shocked, i faster look at da car infront, there was nth wat, we din bang ppl. den look backward, da taxi!! da taxi bang our car!!!!!!!! ARGGGGG!!!

i was so scare at dat moment, although not our fault but i still can feel my heart beating veli fast n my hands r shaking~~ ( +_+ )

but i try 2 clam myself down n take out my camera 2 shoot some "corpus delicti" incase da driver escape frm us. hmppppzzz....

so da driver decided not 2 report 2 da police n ask my mummy follow him 2 drop his passanger 2 da kelana LRT station. after dat oni discuss for da amount for paying back us. Now i m worrying my mummy, she got no HP at dis moment, so i cant contact her n dono hows thing goin on. Hope everything will b fine.

I told my mummy go 2 check 4 da price at workshop dat she reconized, dun simply go 2 dos workshop dat da indian teksi driver recommend, cz later not enuff $$ den we hv 2 pay! n i ask her 2 remind da driver dat we MUZ receive da $ within 24 hours if not we will report dis case 2 police.


wen i reached office, i called munnn, he seems not yet wake up or wat, seems like no special feeling 2 him, din even ask hows i, safe? hurted? hmppppp...... wat kinda responce he gv me..... sigh~~ ppl here feeling da hand still shaking n da heart not yet clam down wish 2 hear some words frm him but end up not wat i aspected gerrr........

( @_@ )

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

smelly oily new toilet bowl~~

continue for da new toilet bowl thing, this time focus on da water heater in office. we tried da whole day d, but seems still smelly wif sum kinda smoky or kinda "weird smell. N everytime we tried 2 boil, it will hv a LAYER of OIL floating on top da water. it reli YUCKSSSSS~~~

wat 2 do bout it huh? sigh~~ tot can bring milo here, but now seems.......... wats dat? got oil? smelly? at 1st we tot da smell n oil will gone after we boil few times, but now da N times d, still da same..... starting 2 think isit product wif low price wun hv good quality? sigh, now start 2 seriously consider 1 2 buy 4 mummy anot. Due 2 dis kinda PROBLEMS, it reli cant solve it, i aso du 1 2 waste dis kinda $ 2 buy a smelly oily NEW TOILET BOWL..........

hope it will b ok soon......... cz i 1 2 drink hot milo~~~~~~~~~~~~

new toilet bowl

2 new toilet bowl here!

  1. my blog, new design, so its still attract me 2 log in in every second, cz its still new 2 me ^o^
  2. office jz bought a new water heater, so we can boil water in office.

so nice ya? since dat "case", da kettle gone. So i decided 2 bring back all my "stuffs" (milo powder, mini cup noodles), cz i tot it is no hope 2 b hv water heater in out office since sum "matter". Feel so excited 2 hv it now, so now we can COOK in da office, wakakakaka, 2 hv own milo in office can save alot of $ man, milo downstairs damn expensive! Now, ngek ngek ngek~~~

samo da water so nice, jz $59.99, can boil water, keep warm, reboil. wow! muz get 1 for my mummy! so i can make FRESH milo every morning.

errrrr.... can da thing last? or mayb 1 week den spoil d? use dis 2 test da water 1st, kekeke......

but da problem now is dono da $ can claim back anot, but i think da boss wun b so bad isit? who noes.....

but conclusion is >>>> its great 2 hv a water heater here! hurray!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

finally done

finally redesign dis c2p blog...... but still got error on da pg.... sighhh~~~ how 2 solve it? i got no idea on it, later oni look through........ but dis thing reli make my head bcome big, almost 1 2 gv up d..... at last i did it (wif error wor... still can say did it? hah)

so wat 2 do nex? refine da code lo..... but not now....... cz eyes aso blur d..... facing dos c2p messy coding for so many hourssssss......

raining out der.......... ya ya, my turn 2 b unhapi..... y? cz of sumthing of cz......... wats dat? er......... jz feel lonely for da following weeks........ but nvm, i kenot oways rely on him. b4 dis i aso can wok alone, eat alone, hv fun alone..... so now aso can ger..... u go n enjoy ur time der....... dun worry bout me. i will go n kau LENG JAI 1.......... wakakkakakaa.............

Monday, April 04, 2005

i dun care anymore~!

i dun care anymore! u r nto a child, u shd noe wats happening n wat r u doin....... over da limit anot its up 2 u, dats ur own body, if urself aso dun care bout it WTF i care bout it? sighhhh~~~~ reli feel bit disappointed bout it.......

trusted u will take k urself n wun over limit........... but end up.............. sigh~~~

almost whole nite i din sleep....... hug my dear pillow n cry 2 him............... i dun care anymore........ i m jz ur gf, not ur mummy........ u 1 2 do it, go ahead,
"smoke untill u feel full~~~~~~~~~"

eArth "Q"uake in my stomach n SuMatRa (part II)

huh, its neva ending story again! it keep on pain till da 3rd day, i kenot stand it any more, decided 2 c a doc.........

sighh~~~ she said i ate sumthing dirty......

medicine again, dat i hate maost.......... yuckssss.........

hope i wun pain again.........



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