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Monday, June 20, 2005

He come again

He come again.

Who? Da boy, some body's son. My dear describe him as a SARCASTIC boy. Although he din saw him b4, but he noe da way he act..... Such a sarcastic boy, n he very young. Bout 14 or 15 i think, i dono... But got such a tiny body will let u think he is jz primary student.

I jz hv a strong 6 sense ------ i dun like him. From da way he act.

Smells like a banana 2 me, but his english still quite poor. Dono how 2 spell Michael Jackson although oways listen 2 english hitz. Dono wats DARAH in english wch means blood.

Da way he tok 2 others is such a------ no manners. Dun even gv respect 2 his own daddy. So for others, dun even dream bout it...... Mayb he has an incomplete family dat makes him bcome like dat. Mayb his mum din teach him properly. But in dis kinda age, shd teach properly b4 he bcome reli SARCASTIC. Oways think he got lotsa $ but actually his daddy doesnt hv dat mch 4 him 2 spend.

N oways tok 2 himself n mk ppl wondering whether hv 2 gv responce 2 him.

Sighhh.... Doesnt feel good wen c him appear here early in d morning.


Thursday, June 09, 2005


Fedup with him, ppl jz remind him 2 buy da domain n hosting since da client already paid. Reminded thousand times still haven bank in! Fedup! You du 1 2 care your business dats your business!! NONE OF MY BUSINESS!!!!! Since i m not working with you anymore!

Remind n remind till i feel like a grandma, you still du 1 2 do dat thing! Pity da future employee dat goin 2 pick up dos RUBBISH!!!

Update da site i oledi told u thousand years ago before i leave, still du 1 2 update! Da crap reason is BUSY! OKOK...... up 2 u guys! Whole company da same style! Wondering how u grow! Urggggg.......

Mayb untill da client scold n ask, den oni u guys will go n do. Neva do things properly 2 avoid dis kinda things happen!!

Now i du 1 2 gv even a FXXX!!!!!! Cz NONE OF M BUSINESS!!


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

All da best

All da best to my dear. Started your new job 2day. Wondering how was it.

Last nite you seems so worry wether you had made da right choice. Dun worry too mch, everything will be fine. Just try ur best to go ahead, i will oways b ur side! Muacks!!!

If fail aso nvm, it doesnt mean u no use at all, jz mayb u not into dis field. It always wun b too late if u wanna make a change. Ok? Dun let ppls words affect ur future, do what u feel to do, just be you!

Monday, June 06, 2005

fell down from the coconut tree

Weeeiuuuuuuuuu boooommmmm~~~~

I fell down from the coconut tree. Feel pain~~~

Y? Cz da coconut tree been chopped by da ppl who planted it. So sad ya? At first, i shoudnt climb da tree..... But but but..... since there is a new n wonderful coconut tree keep growing up there, i was wondering it will grow coconut on d top. So i started 2 climb..... Just bcz wanna get da fresh coconut. Its my fault. Shoud wait untill da coconut grew oni start 2 climb.

But now....... i feel down frm da coconut tree while i still climbing cz da ppl who planted it chop down da tree.

weeeeeeiuuuuuuuuuuu booommmmmm~~~

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

new day new office new environmet

2day start work at new company, now oni i noe my company name is i think Mdesign. Or sumthing else.... hehehe...

Everthing seems to be smooth here. Hope this will continue. Cheers!!



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