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Friday, November 25, 2005

MuN'z birthday dinner @ MV chilis

Today is his big day. I draged him to MV for dinner. At first he tought i treat him Kenny Rogers. Then i said i need to withdraw before treat him. I seems like going to the maybank 'ATM' outside but actually is heading to Chilis.

After Queued up for seat( cz I really dont know Chilis' business was that good, so i never think of make a reservation on it), we ordered our food. We seems to be sooooooo hungry untill we ordered a set of Soup & Dinner Salad for each of us. Edmund ordered a set of Mushrooom Jack and I asked for a vegetarian Guiltless Tomato Basil Pasta (such a long name).

We really thought it was small plate and we could finish all those dishes. But when the soup has been served, we started to worry. Because I started to feel full.

At this moment, our main dishes has been served. Ohhh goshhh.... I nearly faint, I sure can't finish it. But Edmund said he can finish his but don't ever wish that he can finish mine too. Ok ok, never mind. I BUNGKUS. Wakakakkaka.

End up both of us also can't finish our dishes. Then only i quietly take out his pressie from my bag ( cz that fella really thought that I did't buy him any pressie) . What a surprise ya? Ya ya... You don't like surprise.... Hahahaha... Who cares. I asked him to open it. He guessed its a watch and he is right. What a smart guy in pressie guessing. Hmppp

But its too loose for da skinny fella. We paid our bill and rushed to the watch shop to cut it shorter. Luckly its still opening.

We brought da food to his house and he went to his 2nd round celebration @ yum cha after sent me home.

Happy Birthday!

I only ate two pieces. After that, I really can't continue anymore. And I only get to take the pictures after I was full. The food that I left. Isit seems NEW?

dReAmZ tReE 2005

Edmund's Mushroom Jack. I wrapped for him but he can't finish the last piece. Hahaha...

dReAmZ tReE 2005

His leftover sizzling mushroom.

dReAmZ tReE 2005


dReAmZ tReE 2005

The leftover sauce

dReAmZ tReE 2005

Biscuit for..................??

dReAmZ tReE 2005

Apple & mango juice

dReAmZ tReE 2005

One of the salad. I think its call........... what house salad

dReAmZ tReE 2005

Try to clear his chicken mushroom soup

dReAmZ tReE 2005

Welcome to chilis

dReAmZ tReE 2005


dReAmZ tReE 2005

No candle lights, but replace with the electrical light lorrrrrr

dReAmZ tReE 2005

Too full........

dReAmZ tReE 2005

Errr......... happy?

dReAmZ tReE 2005

Its present open ceremony.

dReAmZ tReE 2005

Say cheese

dReAmZ tReE 2005

What a face........... =_=

dReAmZ tReE 2005

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Harry Potter-ism II

To reply Mr Yosia

But the Harry Potter - Daniel Radcliffe is growing up. Even Hermione is obviously growing up. You can see her ***** become bigger and bigger. They doesn't look like a kids anymore. Not cute anymore. And this year Daniel already 16 years old. So if next episod will go for movie, will the Harry still be the same Harry? Or find another cast? If find another cast, public sure will compare the old and new Harry. So..... Thats pretty complicated to me..... I don't read the dictionary size of Harry Potter book. So i just wait for next Harry Potter movie.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Harry Potter-ism

Last Thursday Harry Potter was started showing in the cenima. Everyone start to study Harry Potter-ism.

I also tried to make a booking via web but it just seems there were no online booking for this movie. Edmund even went to the lousy IOI to buy tickets but failed. There were only left first 2 rows.

So we decided to make a early booking once get to office on Friday. But still doesn't seems open for booking. After all, we decide to go MV to buy tickets for Saturday. Or we try our luck to watch it on Friday night.

When we reached MV GSC, there was damn long queue and even have 3 special counter just to sell Harry Potter's tickets. Oh goshh.... Terror isit? Once reach our turn we asked for that day's show but it only left two seats and it was separated. So as we planned earlier. we asked for Saturday tickets. And suprisingly there were all fully booked and bought. Goshh... Was that movie really that great? Untill public crazy like this? Ok, fine, how bout Sunday? Is there any tickets available for Sunday? Yupe! So we chose the afternoon show and did some window shopping in MV.


It was Sunday! The queue still damn long but we are so lucky that we already bought tickets. After twenty minutes for waiting those late comers and commercials. The show finally started. The begining part was quite dissapointed but other then that the show was fine.

So here end the Harry Potter-ism for me. For sure it will be next episod cause the Dark Lord Voldemort was alive!

Thursday, November 17, 2005







特别把这文章献给 【民】

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

sCaRy dAy

Yesterday i went to MidValley with Edmund. Everything is fine before we entered the magaine shop. And he is very happy that the magaine that he everyday dreamt bout finally issued. Just the moment he pay, i feel something wrong with my right eye. I rub it with my hand as usual. But after i move my hand from my right eye. I found it my view is blur.

Ohhhh goshhh~~~~~~~~~~ No no no! Not this A-G-A-I-N!

How i wish it was a dream. I just keep on looking but my view still blur. Means what? Means.... My right eye's contact lens has G-O-N-E!!!!

I felt that it hid in which part of my eye ball. Gosh gosh gosh...... I was so nervous at that time. Although Edmund kep on asked me to calm down, I just can't calm myself down. Imagine a something go in your eye ball and you couldn't find it. How can you calm down??

I went to the wasroom to 'serach' it out. But I just couldn't find it. How how how? Argggg!!!! It's gone gone gone........ How how how?

I wanted to go for a optical shop for some advices and Edmund drag me to the nearest optical shop. I asked the Malay girl in the shop. She told me to wash my face, try to find it out. It won't go further into your head or behind.

I thanks the girl and get back to the washroom to 'search' again. But i still couldn't find it. How how how? I already search up and down, left and right. Argggg..... Many scary things just appear in my mind. It couldn't stop.

Then i decided to go to another optical shop. A malay again but this time it's a guy. He OPEN my right eye and try to look for me but he also couldnt see any lens in my eye. He say maybe it dropped already. He asked me chould i feel it still in my eye? I really dono at that time. It seems it still inside but i really can't find it. Argggg........

Then Edmund say let's go back. I say don't want. If i go back home also rthe same thing, i still can't find it. So he decide we get back to his car. When i sat in the car, I felt dissapointed. And i start to slowly rub my upper part of my eye. Cause it seems it hide in that part. Then finally it come out. Phew! Stupid lens.... Makeme so nervous and scare bout it.

After all, we continue shopping like a blind without my lens. Ofcz i still can see, just bit blur only. But Edmund say i'm blind. Ask me to watchout here and there! Urggg.....

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

When the holidays ended

When the holiday ended. What will happend?

Back to the reality. W-O-R-K

But I also had a great holiday. Went to Genting with my love one. Went to Cameron with my family as my mom's birthday present. Take a great rest but yet not enough.

Here is the photos' link:



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