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Monday, November 19, 2007

Chocolate Fondue v.01

Evonne started her new fondue set with us! Hurray! Wow wow!

Here with thew fruits we have! Onlyh kiwis with apples.
The chocolate melting
The fondue set
adjusting the candle
Evonne with her PJs
Leeq hardworking huh?
Choosing which 2 eat
My turn!
Wow wow!!!
Marsh mellow.
Leeq's turn
All 2gether
Me and Evonne
Finished! Added in milk for Jeremy

smile with ur eyes?
still stiring
Smile with ur eyes
The outcome, according to Jeremy, its kinda disgusting and gross.
Next activities! Hair flipping. Woot woot
My turn but look ugly
Ghosts' series:
Thats our 1st fondue nite!

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Sad news

On the same day of Evonne's birthday, I went to work in the afternoon. After work, i m pretty happy that atleast i got a sales. But the BOSS ask me in his room, and we had a conversation.

The main point is, he said my sales is not that good, i only got 1 sales per day in average. So they cant afford to pay me hourly. So i can choose to leave the company and they will pay me $50 per my previous sales! Another option is, i can continue WORK there and they WILLING TO TRAIN me, but i only get to pay by commission basis, which means... If i dun have any sales on that day! Means i work for nothing! HE said As the Contract! I was like, wat the..........

I jz work there for 6 days! And yesterday u still say i did z good job and keep it up but today u ask me 2 leave or work for nothing? Goshh... This is the real world! Sigh... Samo its the end of the month! I need $ to pay my rental and i really got no $ as well as my mom! Sigh... I cried while i was walking on da street after i left the office. I called my aunt and told her bout it and i was really sad bout it, cz i really tried my best for it but i still lost it! And its really a NEED for me to get a job in this time, cz i really need money and i thought i found a hope with it but now suddenly all gone! PUFF! All gone!

That day i was really in a down mood. Worrying my rental etc.

After discussion with mom n aunt, i decided to go back msia in Jan to avoid payhing the expensive rental. Then find a job to work 1st. If there is a chance then only i come back here to work or how. All depends on the fate.

But now i m feel better, jz waiting for my graduation and enjoy the days i left in Melb.

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Evonne's 22 birthday celebration @ SouthGate [ 02.11.2007 ]

As usual, we planned a surprise party for Evonne! Heheheh... And its successful! Cheers guys! Well done!

And specially thks to Yunnie cz part of the photos r frm her! Thks heaps!

Once again Happy birthday to Evonne!

Click on the link below to view full album! Video will be upload soon!

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Flower arrangement

Did some flower arrangement for the Medicine Buddha's Birthday Ceremony!

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Ages din update my blog, i mean those posts that include photo. Cz lazy to touch up, lazy to upload, lazy to copy n paste, lazy to type, lazy to think , pretty too busy... What other crap reason i have? LOL...
Forgot when i cook this, its a soup. With mushrooms, celery and wakame
Close up
So call grilled eggplant burger
Eggplant again. With soy bean paste and chili.
Kimchi soup
Side dishes for porridge
The porridge with wakame
Cz not feeling too well, so feel like eating porridge
Weather turning HOT! Time for cold noodles
Close up
Mango season! 99 cens each!
Kimchi mixture rice! Yummy!!! Love it so much but too full!
Kimchi cooked with some food that brought from the temple
Still feel sick, continue my porridge. This time added in mushrooms
Side dishes

Kimchi again
Too into it? LOL.... Need to finsih it before i leave Melb.

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