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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Camberwell evening walk

Went to Glenferie look for Catherine to return her SOMETHING. After dat, we went to Camberwell for a walk. Went der b4 but not so into it. So this time walked more places (Or can say as more STREETS). Took some photos too.

Right after we came out frm da train station
Nice place? Kinda classical...
Old lil town
Cinema aso look so OLD
We headed to KOKO Black for a so call tea time.
Waiting for our drinks.
Reading the menu
Inside da KOKO Black
Nice shop?
Nice light?
Any sugar?
My Martini ice cream! YUmmmmmyyyyy
Close up
Another view
Catherine's martini with strawberry ice cream
Catherine with her martini
Me and my Martini
Close up another one! Its reli reli nice! believe me
Another one
Main entrance's floor
Da shop's outlook
Saw this cool coffee shop!
Da logo
Inside da cafe, looks like KOPITIAM
Another corner...

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Saturday soup

Cooked this soup on Saturday night. Yummmy!

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Nice Saturday Evening

Saw this nice scene when i walking home from Chapel Street last Saturday! Isnt it nice? I love it so much! Nice Saturday evening ay!
^.^ blue, orange, pink, red...
On da bridge across da railway.
Dont feel like goin home... I m drunk with this.

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Hail in Melbourne v.02

Remember da hail i posted b4? Here is da video that i captured in da train.

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ANZBYC - Rotorua & Taupo trip

Wakkakakak, finally i uploaded da shot video dat i made for da Rotorua trip! Hope u guys enjoy! Da photos link will be given soon! Trust me.

How bout da camp's pics? Naa no worries, will upload it once i get it ya! I think i will get i by dis Sat!

Another video about the blubbling mud pool

Heres how Qantas airline demo and serve the food. Jz a short one... Its funny if i hv the full version! Cool!
This is da fun we hve during in da bus.

Click here for Posts about ANZBYC

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Fa Lun Gong??

Saw this when i walking @ Swanston St last Sat after da Dharma Function. Hmmm..... Actually i dono wats Fa Lun Gong is but seems like non of my business. Jz took some pics.

Organ? Huh???
Another banner
Is dat FaLun Gong?
More and more baners
Chinese police?
Operation on da street?

Anyhow, world peace ya!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

My friday JAP dinner @ Samurai, Glenferrie

Went for a dinner with Evonne, Jeremy, Rachel and Meng Juinn @ Samurai last friday. It was a great place with fine food in a reasonable price! And da restaurant looks cool!
I noe i noe, da out look doesnt seems to be cool isit? Lets c inside.
Heading upstairs cz its FULL!
Rachel heading up....
Da romantic corridor.
Nice private room.
Another corner
Evonne and Rachel.
My turn
soy sauce and chopsticks.
Ocha cups.
Wall decor
Another wall decor
Jeremy's Vanilla Milk Shake
Its jz like ice cream! Kinda thick...
Jeremy's Miso Soup
Meng Juinn
My Terriyaki sauce tofu
Potato cake
Rachel's fish rice
Meng Juinn's Terriyaki Chicken rice.
Evonne's Rice
My vegetarian tempura Udon
Suppose to be Jeremy's meal but dey made a misatke. So its not Jeremy's meal.
Here comes da real Jeremy's food which is beef with rice.
Old building with old door
Da old narrow stairs. Need to be reli reli careful with it
Buying da bill
Jeremy plays game whenever there is spare time.
Evonne @ Glenferrie station
My turn while waiting for da train back home
Busy station ya?
Swinburne's Ad @ Richmond Station
Swinburne's billboard
Evonne: See! Its Swinburne! Theres where we studyin!
My turn! Tryin to reach da Swinburne logo but obviously i m too short.
Oh man!!! Jeremy still with his PSP!

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