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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Accidentally found this doggie while i researching on something. The dog is so cute and innocent. Haha...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Rice ball eating

Today is midwinter! Everyone is rushing back to eat riceballs. I had eaten it for yesterday's lunch, today's breakfast, today's lunch. Do you think I still will eat rice balls for dinner? Hmmm... Anyway, I'm so excited to going back. Everyone here is waiting for the alarm ring at 7pm.

Happy Midwinter -- DongZhi to everyone!

gastric + flu + stomach ache = sick

I feel sick. Felt gastric and flu last night then i go for a doctor and asked for medicine and MC. But at night i felt gastric AGAIN. Means the medicine doesnt really work. Sigh!

Then this morning when i woke up it was great. Seems nothing happend. But once i get into the car i feel sick again. Stomsch start to pain. It ddn't cure untill now. I tought itsfully stomach ache but i realised it got abit of gastric. Don't know why i did taken my meal in time but still pain. Sigh... Feel like ging home and rest but if like this my boss gonna kill me. Die..... I wanted to lie down!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

yellowish urine on da bowl

There is few drops of urine on top my office's toilet bowl. Don't know whose urine is that, but there are only few 'candidates only.

Me, my colleague, accounts, store keeper, and my dearest BOSS.

Who will be da most suspectable one?

Let's guess. It's on the bowl but not the cover. So normally girls can't do that trick. So the most probably is......... Da guy. Who is th guy? Ermmmm.... THE ONE. Who else?

Many times already this kinda thing happend but it really very yellowish. Maybe too heaty yea? Haha...

Monday, December 19, 2005

40 year old virgin

Yesterday watched this movie in Edmund's house. This is a banned movie in Malaysia But I dono why. Its brought back by his best friend.

Such a funny movie. Talk about a 40 years old try to become NOT a virgin. And his bloody colleagues are trying to help him. Wakakaka..... Such a nice show it is. Wondering does it really has a GUY who is still a virgin when he is 40? If it is, it's incredible then.

Cause guys can always look for a prestitude when they NEED. Or go to club and catch a fish. Or...... Etc.

But if it really has a 40 years old guy still a virgin, I'm gonna praise him. Such a good guy. But also kinda weird.

However, monk are not included ya!

De Comedy King Kong

King Kong 2005
last Saturday. Firstly I knew it's gonna be quite fake with the KING KONG cause how can a Giant chimpanzee meet with dinosaurs? Goshh.... In between its quite funny. End up the ending still the same, the King Kong dead. Poor lil thingy.

Whose fault? Human being again. Nothing can as cruel as human being. We are not the smartest among the animals but we are the most cruelest. We eat whoever we wanted to eat. We steal whatever we wanted to steal. We kill whatever that trying to block us. We are not smartest but cruelest. See... Even a giant KING KONG know how to love. But human.... All in our brain is ourselves. Who will sacrisfice his life for a animal?

One more thing, how come i cant see this scene in the movie? Or its just for trailer? How i wanted this scene being played but it doesn't have it. Weird...

Friday, December 16, 2005


上司要自我檢討 updated:2005-11-28 16:50:18 MYT







Posted on : www.sinchew.com.my To all our dearest bosses that do not know how 2 communicate well or appreciate employees.

my 3k was G-O-N-E

My 3k was gone in this morning. Totally spoilt my mood. Sigh...... Neva eva trust an INDIAN MAN on your business. They are (*)&^^%$@#&^%)$^@#_&*#_)!

So...... Not going to mention how my 3k gone but its all about Indian man.

Not to say hard feeling with Indians but kinda....... Bored with the way they do business.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

March of the Penguin

Finally I get to watch March of the Penguin, also as Emperor's Journey last night. Its categorized as documentary films, so for those who are not animals lover or dislike documentary films are not encourage to watch it.

From this film we can know hows the penguin life. The way they protect their egg and child is so impressed. They take turns to go for food. They take turns to be the last line to keep others warm and away from the storm.

Its not easy to have a happy family among them. Because it has too many challenges for them to survive. To going to mention them till you go and watch it.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Perhaps Love

爱没有 恨没有
拽不来 甩不掉










Just went to watch this movie. Quite a rare style of movie in Chinese movie market. I like it. Something like Moulin Rouge or Chicago. But i didn't get to watch Chicago cause it didn't show here. What a pity ya?

This movie shows the faces of actress, or i can say some of those girls out there, willing to sacrifice thier true love and even body to get what they NEED and WANT.

Such a world.
Perhaps such is love.
Perhaps such is world.



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