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Thursday, August 30, 2007

ANZBYC [Day 1 | 06.07.2007]

Early morning: 7am @ Dining Hall
Went to kitchen help out the brekkie preparation. And after that i had my 1st brekkie in Auckland and also FGS Auckland. Kinda nice feeling.

And its raining cats and dogs out there. Which we rarely see in Melbourne.

9am, Registration @ ANZBYC office
Started the registration thingy but we oledi did it last night and its kinda boring. Hmmm... And i found out i m in Arhat group. I dono anyone in dat group. So all are new to me. Interesting yay?

10am, Group Initial Contact

After the registration, we need to gather with our group mates and start to know each other.

Met my group leader which is Gabriel, from Sydney. And another girl from Syd, Winky. After that we were still waiting for other group members and during dat spare time its kinda boring and we all got nth to do.

Btw, more members came and there were Jason and Chanon from Brisbane, Raymond the HK guy frm Melbourne YAD 3, and another guy from Auckland which is Chyi Main. And it seems like only we and Winky are girls? All guys? Thats not good! Hmmm.... After that found out from the name list we still lack of 2 members whom are same sex with me! Yea! But havent see them yet...

So we introduce ourselves as usual thingy 2 start. Then Gabriel gave each of us a 'goody bag' which contain a pen, a notepad, and a booklet which contain program schedule and other informations. And another member in our group turns up and she is Tina which

And we need to come out a cheer for our group and it needs to related to our group name which is ARHAT. It means 'one who deserves oblations'. After we scratching our heads and squeezing our brains, we came out something like this( but mainly is from Gabriel, hehe):
Ar Ar Arhat
pirates of Auckland
We dun plunder
We dun pillage
We save ur village
Offer us something!!!!
Sounds lame? Erhermmm... No comment... Better than we cant think anything better than this. Wakakaka...

After the cheer CREATING. The next task we need 2 complete is to do our group banner in a so call board which is in red color(Arhat's color). We came out some ideas for it and started to draw on da board. We drew a Buddha's head but in a pirates form which suits our cheer. Some offering thingy and our group NAME.

11:10am, Rules & Regulations Interpretation @ front of the Main Shrine

Some basic R&R in the camp announced by Terry and Melissa( the disciplinarians). After that each group PRESENTED their group cheer. And a member turns out, which is our co-leader, Tina from Auckland.

12:00pm, Lunch & Temple Tour

Introduce us every spot in the temple. And explain how and why and when this temple has been built. Over all its kinda messy tour cz some of them are not listening or even chit chatting. So its kinda noisy and messy.

After that, i met my last group member, Yolanda from Auckland before we have our lunch.

After that we prepare for our lunch and its gonna be a semi formal lunch. Whats semi formal lunch and whats formal lunch b/n informal lunch? Informal lunch means the normal way we eat at home( noisy, ugly etc.) and formal way is according the rules of temple or tradition of Chinese meal eating. I oledi did that for several times and i do practice it at home so shouldn't be a problem for me. But Yolanda dislike the formal meals and she was like annoy by it once she heard its gonna be a semi formal lunch. Hehehe... But i reckon she got use to it after few times of it ya?

And during the lunch they taught us how to eat in da formal meals. After the lunch, we had a walking meditation but everyone kinda chit chatting than MEDITATING. It was so noisy and it shoudn't be like that. Hmmm....

1:00pm, Opening Ceremony @ Siang Yun Hall

The emcees of the opening ceremony, kinda formal ya?
Abbess ManShin( Abbess of NewZealand) giving speech during the opening ceremony.
Group cheering infront of those VIPs. And we sort of forgot whats our group cheer when we were out there. And we NG for it. Hehe...
Performance from the staffs.
After the opening ceremony, we went to the main shrine to have our group photo! Can you find me out frm the photo?

2:30pm, Buddhist Etiquette @ Dining Hall
by Venerable RuLian

Overall is a Buddhist Etiquette class which teaches us how to do half bow and full bow in Buddhist which i already know how to do it.

3:30pm, Ice Breaking Game/ Dharma Friend Game @ Dining Hall
A game that you need to cooperate with your group mate, which you will be da person who covers your eyes and your group mate will guide you to get the certain color of clips.

After the game getting boring and boring when it plays longer and longer.

And the Dharma Friend thingy is like u randomly choose a paper with a certain number on it, each number represent a person in the camp. And you need to write something to that person which is your Dharma friend. And i m da lucky one who got one of my group mate as my Dharma Friend which is Chyi Main. I did wrote a letter to him but i din receive any letter frm my Dharma Friend. That bad yay? And i dont even know who is my Dharma friend untill today. Maybe i dont hv one. Sniff sniff...

4:00-6:00pm, Shower Time / Time with Abbess

Yea yea! Time to bathe! Heap heap hurray!! But the shower time kinda odd, cz we didnt get to bathe in the temple, cz the bath rooms are limited and we need to actually go out to a volunteer's house to have our bath. Weird? So its like we all go in a batch, which is 4 person a batch and there will be a volunteer that drives us to his or her house to bathe.

So i am the lucky one that able to bathe in da 1st session. So i quickly packed my shampoos and cloths and gather @ the front shrine. After that, a lady drove us to her house which is near by. We call the lady Lai Ma Ma(賴媽媽), her house was reli reli reli nice! Its BIG and reli tidy and nice inside. There are 3 bath rooms in the house so i need to wait the other 3 finish then only will be my turn.

I wait @ downstairs and had a short chat with Lai Mama's hubby which is the 1st BLIA president in Auckland. Isnt it cool? And he showed me his photo of been to the Antarctica and took photo with da King penguin! Thats reli awesome!

Winky was done and i get to use the bath room that she used before. I washed my hair and came out with my hair still wet. Lai Mama saw my hair still wet and she ask me to dry my hair before i leave in case i get sick. So i quickly blow my hair and everyone is waiting for me in the car. Embarrassing!

After back to temple, we put our things back and no one tells us we need to go 2 da main shrine after our bath. So some of us just stay inside the room. I walked out and wondering what should we do now. Saw a person walking to me and i asked where should i head to? That gal said i could go 2 da main shrine for the Abbess' talk. And only i know there is a talk inside the main shrine.

6:00pm, Gift Time @ Dining Hall

Wondering whats the gift time before the session comes. Then only i know its like marks giving session for each group. So nothing much.

6:30pm, Medicine Meal @ Dining Hall

Medicine meal means dinner in Buddhist. After lunch's teaching. So dinner will be a formal meal. Everyone is so quiet to finish the meal, cz in Buddhist study we eat without making any sound from the cutlery or the dishes. Cz the hungry ghost can hear the noise when you are eating and they will be hungry but couldn't get any food. So try to be sympathy and kind to the hungry ghost by practicing a good table manner. Even its not for the hungry ghost, we should practice a good table manner that dont eat with sound, cz i do few annoying when people chew with sound. But i still can see some of those people shaking their legs when eating, that doesnt look good as well. Can you imagine a pretty girl that look so nice and perfect infront of you, eating her meal in a five stars restaurant and suddenly u saw her shaking her leg due to she is so happy to have a meal with you? Ewwww...... Thats disgusting. So now can u imagine?

7:30pm, Special Topic Lecture @ SiangYun Hall
by Abbess ManShin

Topic: Enlightment with Compassion 覺有情——菩薩行著的思維

Took some notes during the lecture and share it out here. But it will be in Chinese, so sorry for those who cant read.

菩薩(覺悟)薩埵(有情) = 菩薩 = 覺有情

觀音菩薩 = 觀音覺有情

    • 有正悟無上正等正覺 = 三藐三菩提 = 什么都懂
  • 菩薩
    • 需經過52個階位(stages)以修菩薩道,其中有:
      • 菩薩心(菩薩願力)
      • 發慈悲心(度眾的慈悲)
      • 須有包容,容人的雅量
      • 弘法之勇
      • 不怕繁忙
      • 不怕辛苦
      • 有修道的恒心
      • 正覺的智慧
      • 出世的性格(just do it without attachment)
      • 護持的熱誠
      • 忍辱的力量
      • 覺有情的思維
    • 大家一起修行,心中有大眾。覺有情。像宇宙之心,像大海、大地,什么都收。像稻田,種出良/福田。像光明。這就是菩薩的思維。
  • 緣覺Silempe Buddha( Preyeka)
    • 觀因緣法
    • 不說話,因覺悟因果,明白,開悟了。所以自己修行。
  • 聲聞:
    • They study four noble truth(四圣諦)
    • 四圣諦: 苦集滅道
    • 滅道 = 自己修行


  • 給人信心
  • 給人歡喜
  • 給人希望
  • 給人方便

9:00pm, Sitting Meditation @ Main Shrine
by Venerable MiaoYu

Venerable MiaoYu taught us how to do a proper sitting meditation, hows the sitting posture, what should we do and hows the progress. A good time to claim your mind and body down before go to bed.

10:00pm, Time to sleep!

Its time to sleep! Yea its early but yet we still need to sleep otherwise you cant get up on time for the morning chanting.

Day 01 rating(over 5):
Not really satisfy with the result for day 1 cz i feel it still can be improve in many ways. Anyhow, keep it up!

More posts for ANZBYC, click here to those posts!

And here for the full set of ANZNYC camp pics!

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Skittles Singing Rabbit

Watched this inside da lab yesterday. Dono who load it in da projector. Everyone is da class was laughing at the Ad. Its reli funny but da bunny is kinda annoying wen it sing too much.


Like it?

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Whats happening?

Hmm.... How come recently i didn't blog much?

Ya i know, cz i m quite busy with my projects. Huh? Just started my semester and already so busy? Yea, it is. I also wonder why?Its only week 4 and everything is kinda rush and everyone is complaining not enough time for it. Sigh... Anyhow, its my last semester in this degree program, need to do my best for it. Can't waste it right? I mean da money! Yea man! Paid so much for it! Need to get back what i paid then only worth it! Hehehe...

I still got lotsa things 1 2 update but reli reli will get it up here ASAP ya! Do check it out!

Here is my this week updates!
My dinner salad with gold kiwis, tomatoes, lemon and baby spinach with thousand island dressing.

Brekkie always simple as bread - sandwiches!

Lunch can be more FAT, here comes the cold soba with wakame. Added in some wasabi.

My terriyaki tofu with sesame.

Whole meal.

Bought mangoes from Vic Mart last Fri. 2 for $3 which is quite cheap. 1st time eat mango here. Yea serious! Cz mango is kinda expensive here. And there are no Thailand mango which is fully yellowish. Mostly is this kinda mango which is frm Mexico in red color skin.
Some part is yellowish and greenish. Nice toning ya?

Inside not bad!

Products from Vic Mart too! Why i bought this much of cherry tomatoes? Cz its only cost me AUD$2 for these 2 big basket of tomatoes! Yes! It is only $2 for all!!
A whole tray of it!! Which include 15 boxes of cheery tomatoes!!!!!! Unbelievable? Amazing? Awesome? Yea it is! But u need to pick some spoil tomatoes out. But it only 2 and a half boxes of it need to throw. Others all in good condition!
This is the boxes that i rinsed it. Prepare to put it in the boxes again. Why? Cz i m giving out most of the cheery tomatoes cz i am not able to finish 12 boxes of them! Now all done! Jz left 2 boxes with me and i m happy with it!
At night, made some salad sticks with the tomatoes.

They taste good!

The sauce for the salad.

On sunday afternoon, went to Glenferrie to distribute my tomatoes and also visit Catherine for her T-Shirt selling business @ the Swinburne place. But i m too late and they already packed their things. Its really a sunny day and its kinda HOT
! I even wear sleeveless on that day!
The dragon t shirt that i design.

Me with the t shirt

Catherine with another of my design.

Catherine with da oriental design.
On my way back home, saw this nearby my apartment! Spring is coming! Can you smell it? Flowers started to bloom!


On that night itself, i went to Hungry Jacks with Evonne, Jeremy and a special GUEST in our house! Who? U will know soon.
Saw anything on da tree? Yea! While we heading to Chapel St, we saw a possum on da tree! Faster capture it!
Zoom in

Ewww... Shinny eyes ya?

Another one

Hungry Jacks! While waiting for my meals, took a pics with Evonne, Jeremy and oya! Da Special GUEST is LEEQ! He came to our come to do his assig with Evonne and Jeremy. Also over night at our place.

See that Jeremy still on his way to prepare his pose.

The 'outcome' for Jeremy.
Evonne's cheese burger VS Jeremy's Simpson ultimate whooper which is kinda BIG!
Eating my baguette.

Jeremy eating his BIG whooper.

Leeq with his cheese burger.
Evonne and her cheese burger.

Monday's brunch! Sandwiches again but added in the cherry tomatoes as TOPPINGS.

After that, Evonne them are heading to Lucky Cog. I just followed them but i m not eating. Cz still full with da sandwiches.
Guess why they so excited bout the Tabasco? Cz its the first NEW/FULL Tabasco we saw in Lucky Cog. Normally they only give us abit bit of it.
But this time is BRAND NEW! Need to take photo with it!

Focus on Jeremy
Then the Tabasco

Leeq's pizza which he said it taste like a garlic bread.

Evonne and Rachel's chocolate sweet pizza.
Girls eating...
Guys eating...

Oya, i know 1 new thing from there too. This! Chili oil! Never notice they can provide us chili oil

Its a bottle of fried chilies but mainly is OIL.

Jeremy seems to be enjoying his pizza. Ofcz! I saw him kept on POURING the Tabasco and chili oil on his pizza. Its spicy! Isn't it?

Cook Chinese Bak Choy with white radish for soup. I love that!

And also dumplings.
Sauce for the dumplings.

Salad as dinner as usual.
Will it be too boring for you? But i like it.

Italian style pasta. Yummy!

Wat i m goin 2 mention bout this? U see the pumpkin over there? Cool? We don hv it in msia and oni a small part is seeds. They call it butter pumpkin i think...

Tom Yam soup as dinner last night. Feel like eating something SPICY

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