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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Indian dinner

Sunday evening, Evonne them were so happening to have a dinner outside, and decided to go for Indian dinner beside Prahran Hotel.

Here is the roti naan
3 small pots of curry! Beef, chicken and veggie
But they look the same... can u differentiate it?
Yee Xiang with her new style
Jeremy cant decide which to start 1st?
Hmmm... Yummyyyy
Indian rice?
Wat kinda expression is this?
Yummy Indian dinner
say CHEESE....

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Assignment's sake gathering

Last Saturday, kinda special. Y? When a special people FOUND in 25, 55 Union St.
Mr Jeremy in the cage!
Roar!!!! Careful! Dun let it bite u! Do not feed the LION!
Scary huh?
Actually he is doing his mock-up @ da balcony, dats y! Hehehe...
Here is our guest in green, mr l/e/e/q and Evonne drinking her boost der.

After that, we all went to Celeste's house to do our WORK!
Jeremy kinda blur
Yee Xiang totally blur
Jeremy helping Celeste on her promotional item
Evonne with her SIEN and sleepy look

Celeste finisihed her publication work! Well done! So nice!

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Love Letter

Received a love letter from SOMEONE! Look at da envelope! So cute!
People who write my this name sure very CLOSE to me huh?
Stamps with Chinese words!? Where it is from? Far far away! From Taiwan! Hehehe... Then i noe its from which lover....
Its my dearest Gu Lou Yoke! Sent me something from Taiwan and making me touching only! Bad u!
A necklace!!! Necklace with a big penguin's pendant?
Closer! Doesnt look like a pendant!
Its a card!!! Full of wishes and i feel so warm!
This is da pressie, she said she saw this and thought of me, so decided to buy for me... Its made from Coloured glass - Glaze(琉璃), but from wat i understand, a glaze is kinda expensive! I m not sure but sure not cheap!
Another view of it
So next time dun buy so expensive ok? Although u said not that expensive, but even u send me a small card, i still will feel warm! Get it?
Wearing it... nice?

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More food

Continue the fever of sweet and sour, once again, sweet and sour tofu!
Suddenly hv the mood to make more complicated thingy, i.e. Vietnamese rice paper roll. With soba inside and a stir-fried veggie.
The black vinegar to dip with da rolls.
And now new invention which original idea came from l/e/e/q (his new style, need to FOLLOW). Introducing, ice blended SOLO.
Kimchi soup with dumpling and rice cake again! YUmmmy!
New creation too, original idea from my aunt. Nice to eat such sour cold noodles during hot day.
Soba with vinegar, radish, and carrots. Plus Tofu!
Stir-fry celery with mushrooms. Mix with 冬菜 and 橄欖菜, taste great too!

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Sigh, money!

Recently found a part time job as telesales means telemarketing. Actually i dun like dis kinda job. Cz kinda fake, need 2 talk so energetic and honestly i m not dat kinda person.

But, what to do, for da sake of money. Still hv to go... This kinda job kinda stress too, everyday worrying bout the sales. If dun hv sales on dat day, i will feel so bad! But i reli NEED $, almost no $ 2 pay rental. How i m goin 2 survive in this city? Sigh sigh sigh... Money... I reli need this job. Worrying if i dun hv enuff sales, dey will terminate me. Seriously worrying bout it...

Here is my working environment, mostly Indian doing this kinda job i dono y.
Maybe they can be more aggressive. Maybe i just not that kinda competitive for this kinda thing? Sigh.... Need to get more sales! Although bosses din say anything bout my sales but i still feel stress bout it.
My new colleague, Gunjan. Nice person! Oways comfort me wen i dun hv sales.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Food & food

Din update my blog for ages. Cz busy with my projectsss, assigmentssssss.... Then y 2day i blog? Cz feel like it. Dun ask me y, jz feel like blogging!
Above is baked beans, for Daya, its a kids thing.... But i like it! Added in mushrooms and wakame! Put into microwave and its ready to eat! Awesome huh? LOL

Below is my Korean night, Kimchi + korean rice cake + soemthing i 4got wat else is inside da soup. Conclusion is Kimchi soup.
Close up 2 da dumplings.
Salad night
plus homemade BOOST
Tom yam noodle soup
Stir-fried mushrooms + asparagus + capsicum
Weird combination noodle soup but i like it soooo much!
And another day i cooked again
Went to Chapel St for grocery shopping with Evonne last Sunday, saw this cute truck promoting Prahran Market
Bought choc cake and muffin from safeway or coles... 4got! And also cookies!
Drinking our home BLENDED choc ice cream + vanilla ice cream + cookies drink! Sunday was HOT!
Evonne with her 'TEA'
Monday i cooked sweet and sour TOFU. Suddenly miss sweet and sour....
Tuesday no mood... Cooked my last maggie mee.
And dono wen i cook da weird combination noodles again. Jz love it!

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