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Monday, April 30, 2007


Just received a call from a disiple of FGS from Yarraville. She just wanted to confirm that i will join the offering during the Buddha's day at Federation Square next month.

She asked me whats my height, cz need to know what kinda costume suitable for me. Hehehe... So sorry to say that i reli dono how tall am i. I can confirm dat i dun hv 6 feet tall but i reli dono wats da actual height. So she ask me whether i can go to Yarraville FGS by 13th of May to try on which costume suit me.

After the call i feel kinda happy dono y. Jz got da feeling dat dey din forget bout me. I know dey wun forget bout me so i reli dono y i feel happy bout dat call. Mayb da disiple talk so soft and nice make me feel sweet and warm. So i feel hapi? Kekeke... Dono... Since yest i lost da camera, now oni i feel abit happy. Reli thks to da disiple.


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Sunday, April 29, 2007

I lost my Canon Ixus 55

Today i had a half good day and a half worst day. I lost my camera.
Reli got no mood 2 post about this but need to tell u guys bout it.

This noon i went to shopping around Prahran area with Grace. We were so happy that we found da Japanese grocery shop in Prahran and planned 2 go Grilled for a lunch.

I ordered a burger as my brunch and Grace did da same. We were too excited and as u guys noe my style, i like 2 take pictures before or even during da meal. So, i took my camera out n started 2 snap here n der. After dat, i put my camera aside on da table and started 2 enjoy my burger.

Untill finsih, only i go back home. I still dono my camera was lost when i was back home. Untill i open da candy i bought and wanted 2 take picture with it. Only i realized my camera was not in my bag. I keep on searching it in my bag but it reli not in da bag. So i find da whole room and i couldnt find it. I even checked my shopping trolly or da fridge. still cant find it.
i rewind my memory and i realized i din even put my camera back into my bag. SHIT! I quickily msn grace n told her bout this, after dat i ran to Grilled and ask da guy dat werking der. He look for da camera in da drawers and da rack but he couldnt find any. So he ask another gal dat werking der. Dat gal direct answered NO.

I heart dropped, totally dropped frm da summit.

Reli no hope d, cz i feel dat if customers found it and wanted 2 return, dey will pass 2 da worker. If da customer reli 1 2 keep it. They wun return 2 me.

In another hand, if da worker found it during they keep our plates, and dey wanted 2 return 2 nme, dey will pass it 2 me wen i ask dem, but dey said no. So i dun think it will hv any chance 2 get it back. Sigh

But anyhow i still left my contact to da worker and ask him 2 ring me if he found my camera. Although i noe its hopeless.

While i was walking back home, i passed my Swinburne PK building and there were lotsa bench around dat area. I simply sat on 1 of it and called Edmund and told him bout this. And i cried like nobody business der. And louckily no 1 pass by and saw i cry like a crazy ppl der.

It was reli sad.

Da camera mean so much 2 me, i need it for every meal i ate and also every special thing i saw in my life. I hardly save da $ and bought it myself. Spent so many years with it even Canon changed 1 new camera for me when da old 1 spoilt. Sigh, but now...


Its my fault, i din double check da table for anything left behind me. Sigh... I was too excited bout da lunch and forgot bout him. Sorry my poor lil baby canon. Sighh... I feel so hurt wen i noe i lost u. U reli mean so much to me.

Now i got no camera instead of da mobile phone camera. Da quality is like heaven and earth. Cant compare a real camera with a mobile phone camera. Argggg....

Now i cant take any picture for my meals, my life ect...


And da problem is, i dun think temp i got da budget to get a new camera for myself. Huh....
Hard days..........................................


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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pls help da BITCH

Recently my fren lost her dog(which is a bitch), hope u guys can help her on her lost dog name Yuki.
Below are some of her details:
  • Name: Yuki
  • Age: 7-8 years
  • Color: Black and part of it with brown.
  • Breed: Miniature Pinscher
  • Features: She was wearing a dog collar with 2 heart shaped bells when she snatch by the GUY. Abit fat looking. Active and healty. Likes to bark at stranger even other dogs.

The incident:

Date: 19, April 2007

Time: Around 7am

Venue: Taman Sri Manja, off Jln Klang Lama

My friend's mom was walking her dogs(3 dogs) at the park infront of her house. When she was about to go back home. A white color car stopped infront of her mom and a guy came out from the car straight away snatched Yuki the Miniature Pinscher into da car and go.

Her mom chased that car for quite some distance but the car didnt even bother bout her. Her mom saw there was not only a guy in the car. After that, 2 of her brothers drove their cars 2 search for the white car but they could find it.

Yuki was lost with this kinda cruel people. Sigh.

Hope you guys can help my friend with her lost dog.

Any information kindly contact:

Nic ( +60 12 - 321 5538)


Nicole (+60 12 - 222 1610)

Thank you so much!

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Dinner with warp

Today went to Safeway and bought a pack of Lebanese Bread dat cost me Aud$0.99 oni! Cool? Inside da pack there are 5 pieces of da bread.

So when i came back home i made myself this wrap dat included:
  1. corns
  2. mozarella cheese
  3. celery
  4. wakame
  5. mushroom
  6. Sala sauce
  7. cabbage
  8. lettuce
  9. my self-made Crispy ToFu.

And guess wat? It turns out very nice! I love it so much, much more better den Ally's wrap, cz Ally's wrap no taste. Lol.

BTW, da bread taste much more better den da previous 1 i bought.

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While i was on da way to FGS

Saw something on da pole while we were waiting tram 2 Queen Street @ Brouke Street. Pig with wings.
Reli have not idea wats this.

Finally reach FGS, see that? Da building in beige color.

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My 1st Max Brenner

Today after the Dharma function @ da FGS monastery, me and Grace went to shopping. And finally we decided to head to Max Brenner (another good place for chocolates) for a drink. Here with da pics. At 1st we sat outside, there were no place inside da shop. So... No choice
Grace reading a something regarding da contact lens while we were waiting SOMEONE to serve us.
Wait and wait. No 1 come 2 us. This is da logo of Max Brenner.
Here comes da menu, i prefer KOKO Black's menu. And to remind, da menu is even Grace go 2 took it herself. Reli no 1 serve us. Kinda dissapointed wif Max Brenner.
Another side menu.
Finally someone gave us water but da glass is kinda dirty. Aisks!
After dat, we saw there were some places inside da shop d, we requested to change to inside. And we did it. And Grace complained bout da glass and another pretty waitress changed it for us. Not like da waitress at outside. Kinda rude... Hmppp
Me @ Max Brenner.
Products 2 sell.
Da environment, NICE.
Here is my Suckao set. Cost Aud$6
Under da milk is da candle to keep da heat of da milk so dat it can melt da chocolate.
Milky milk
Da chocolate CHIPS?
Me with my SUCKao.
Goin 2 start PLAY with da chocolates.
This is wat Grace ordered. Its cold drinks, call Cookieshake.
Closer, inside blended with oreo, white chocolate and dono wat. :p
Drink me. Hahah, it taste great but kinda too sweet for me.
Grace gonna drink her Oreo with white chocolate. After melting, turn 2 brown color.
Half melting. I noe it doesn look nice but reli taste nice.
Some item bout chocolates u can buy back, or u even can make ur own Suckao at home.
Chocolates chocolates, crazy bout chocolates
OMG, look at dos dessert man..... Sure nice till die.
Da 2 big machine as display
Chocolate, mixing? or blanding? or cookin? No idea....
Da white chocolate.
Pass by a candy shops, they were making da candy, seems so nice, we curi curi masuk and curi a small piece of candy to eat. Erhermm, actually is free sample. Hehehe
Da window display aso very nice, made wif candy aso.. Cool

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Bak Kut Teh dinner v.03

Da 3rd time for my Bak Kut Teh. Reli lazy 2 cook man.....

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Hearty Paws (Ma-eum-mi)

Da movie poster or Hearty Paws
Baby Ma-eumy with So-i
Cute Ma-eumy having a nap with Chan and Soi
I miss my Dou Dou... I know u miss me too, hope u know that i din dump u alone, my heart still with you, Dou Dou.


Suddenly so happening 2 watch this Korean dog movie. Elynn mailed me this dvd quite some times ago but i dun dare 2 watch it, cz i noe its a sad ending and my tears sure dropping non stop if i watch this kinda animal show.

But today suddenly so happen got da mood 2 watch it. Not actually got da mood, jz mayb thinking of something unhapi so mayb watch this can express my emotion out. Wakaka, kill 2 birds with 1 stone huh?

Here with da synosis that i copied frm da official website or Hearty Paws: http://www.encorefilms.com/heartypaws

Chan is an 11-year-old boy who lives alone with his younger sister, So-i. Though he’s young, he’s tough and hates losing. He loves his younger sister so much that there isn’t a thing that he wouldn’t do for her. For her 6th birthday, he decides to give her a dog that she’s been longing to have. One early morning in winter when the world is still dark, he sneaks into a house of an old couple and steals a newly-born puppy for his sister. So happy with the dog that she wanted so badly, So-i names it Maeum, literally translated as Heart. Maeum eats a lot and plays cute, exaggerating pain when a bee stings it. The dog and she become really tight with each other, and Chan is happy that the dog takes care of her while he’s gone to school. They thought that happiness with the new family member would last forever. However, something unexpected happens one day, and the relationship between Chan and Maeum is in ruins. What on earth happened?

Moview review from website:

Man's best friend has had countless of movies made about relationships, loyalty, courage, and almost all things positive, celebrating our canine friends' strong attributes. Hearty Paws follows in the footsteps of such movies, and from the onset, milks its predominantly "cute" factor in having the winning combination of children and puppy.

Child actor You Seung-ho, best remembered for his role in The Way Home, has grown up quite a bit, and plays Chan, the big brother of So-i (Kim Hyang-gi, with those adorable ever-so-pinchable cheeks). Chan and So-i are a pair of siblings abandoned by their mother, and left to their own devices even though they are staying with their relatives. The first third of the movie establishes the tight knit relationship they share, and at times will get on your nerves with So-i's incessant crying and whining. But for (cute) dog lovers, Hearty the labrador retriever, as a puppy, will certainly tug at those heartstrings, and some may wistfully wish to have a pet like that.

But the goosebumps take a break after something unexpected happens (don't
watch the trailers if you don't wish to find out prior to the movie), and thereon, the storyline resembled the Charles Dickens' classic Oliver Twist, with the den of thieving children, a female artful dodger, and a Fagin equivalent who chases Chan all the way till the end, seeking revenge. The similarities are so obvious, that for those familiar with the story, the movie's narrative will begin to disengage itself, and go on autopilot, if not for the addition of Hearty's role, and even then, you'll come to expect the usual dog-saves-and-protects-master-from-harm situations.

The theme of abandonment is key in Hearty Paws, and the characters in the movie become victims of being stranded and cast aside by loved ones - the mother's selfish actions on her children, and Chan's blame, change of attitude, and the breaking of master-dog vows with Hearty, which is probably quite painful to watch, given the love-hate relationship formed, with the dog that has endeared itself to the audience with its sheer determination and dogged (pardon the pun) perseverance in regaining
acceptance and forgiveness.
Forgiveness and reconciliation forms the last act, in which the melodrama builds to a crescendo, with so much of heartfelt weeping, it's difficult for those soft at heart not to shed a tear or two, so remember to have some tissue handy.

If an award can be given to a canine, then Dal-i, which played Hearty, deserves one. Whether it be coated in grime, or fresh from a bath, it was quite amazing to see how the filmmakers managed to coerce what I would say a brilliant performance from it, with its soulful eyes and little nuances. But there were areas that were let down, though of no fault by the dog itself, but by the filmmakers' failure to realize that dogs are colour-blind, and in trying to milk sad scenes, the liberal use of cheese which generated unwanted laughter at the most inappropriate of times.

Despite its familiar storyline, and plagued by an indecisive ending (it just goes on), Hearty Paws still makes a decent movie by sticking to melodramatic formula, and doesn't take much to appeal to dog lovers.

You can watch this movie online but the best ofcz go and buy a ori DVD ya!

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Ally doughnut v.04

After class, came back home n dono wat 2 cook, so jz heat da Ally's doughnut for brunch. And also few of my bread. Da doughnut too sweet.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

No PORK i tell u no PORK

This is a video bout how 2 chinese gangster make fun of a MAMAK(Indian Muslim) which i think most of u oledi watched it. Jz incase u left this video, jz have a look of it. So pls dun make fun of other peoples religion. Its not fun.

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Bitter gourd dinner

Yea, for dinner i fry bitter gourd with salted black beans. Under it added abit bit of beehun. 1st time cook bitter gourd here. Hehehe...

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SHIT happened

Just now i went out to buy some stuff. When i reached da main gate of da appartment, i kept on find da key but FAILED. Urgggg.... Damn, da conclusion is i forgot 2 bring my KEYS man.


I quickily called Evonne ask whether they at home. Luckily they came back d. Phew, so i get into da house. But, another problem coming, i locked my room! SHIT man, no 1 have da key except myself. Oh gosh!

Evonne and Jeremy tried to help me open da door by dos hair clips and metal ruler but FAILED. Shit, how how how?

Luckily Evonne remember da ex housemate dat staying here b4 us said da door can easily open without da key. So we tried 2 call her and asked about the tricks 2 open da door.

So according her (Pauline) said need a plastic sheet(PVC kinda thingy) slot into da door side, push da pvc up n down.

So Jeremy found a ToFu box's cover as da pvc thingy, tried 2 open da door. We have no experience on all des. Not like SOMEONE with da sirname HAH. We jz tried pull up n down da pvc. Afterawhile, no suppose to say SUDDENLY da door open!

Hurray!!!!! Successs!!!!!! Wakakakakaa, i can go in my room d! Yea yea!

Lastly need 2 thank my lovely housemates, Ms Evonne and Mr Jeremy. And also Pauline da info provider. Thanks heaps!

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Ally breakfast and lunch = brunch v.03

Today ate Ally breakfast and Ally lunch in 1shot. Cz i worry dos things cant keep d. Later >.<
So now shd be no more Ally's food d. Oya, still left dos doughnuts.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ally dinner v.02

Din have anything for lunch, for dinner, just this salad wrap from Ally. It doesnt taste very good but still can fill da stomach.

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