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Saturday, March 31, 2007

New member in my room

Today bought a lamp cover frm Ikea, y i need a lamp cover? Cz my lamp dun hv cover since da day i rent here. And i feel tired wen on da lamp cz da light direct glare on my eye. Seems better after having da cover. More comfortable. Like it. Cost me $4 for it. Cheapest lamp cover in Ikea.

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My so call pizza

Came back home and made myself a so call pizza. Y so call? Cz i dun hv a oven. So jz put inside microwave and DING it. Hehehe... But still turn out nice.

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Crap pics on crap Sat

Just now went to Ikea, took some pics along da way.

1. Waiting tram at Chapel Street. Another side of Chapel street, i seldome walk to this side.
2. The tram stop sign
3. IGA supermarket. Its quite expensive compare to Coles and Safeway, neva buy anything frm IGA before.
4. Shops opposite the trame stop.
5. Reached Victoria street, neva walk around there before. Found out there were so many chinese grocery shops or restaurants there. And also Vietnamese market and restaurant. Found a Hakka restaurant there! Cool!
6. Xiu Lap. Roasted meat restaurant
7. OMG! Look alike with gold bunny? They name themselves yellow bunny! I think this is da direct competitor for GOLD BUNNY! They copy till soooooo alike, but still lack of a bell. I still prefer gold bunny.


Spicy Udon noodles

This afternoon i cook Udon Noodles by adding in yesterday's Tze Chuan Spicy soup. Its HOT! Wow... Burbbb..... Nice!

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Tze Chuan Ma Latt spicy steamboat

Yesterday was super cold, i cooked myself a steamboat. And mostly u will ask, alone? Yes, alone, my housemates all went out, so eat alone.
Its a Tze Chuan style spicy steamboat, i neva eat dis kinda spicy steamboat b4, in msia oways is herb soup or tom yam soup, dis kinda spicy soup need 2 go Tze Chuan restaurant only can eat and mostly r non vege.

It was too full and i cant finish all vege. Hehehe... it was sooo nice 2 have steamboat during cold weather. Jeng!

1. The big plate of vege dat goin 2 eat with da steamboat.
2. Another view
3. The self made sauce, din think of it will turn up so nice.
4. Sliced mushroom
5. Da soup is boiling inside my rice cooker, its goin 2 be ready.
6. Add in some vege, wait till it cooked.
7. Start 2 eat!

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Gold Bunny hunt

Yesterday afternoon went to city. Since i m der, den jz research for my project? Regarding? Gold bunny! Yupe, Lindt Gold Bunny!

It was soooooooo attractive!! Wanted 2 collect all of dem if i have $. OMG... Sooo cute.... bunny bunny bunny... egg egg bunny bunny egg egg bunny bunny...
Here is some pics i took frm da Gold Bunny hunt @ Target.

1. Gift pack with a big gold egg and a big gold bunny
2. This is nice, da metal box was sooo nice, inside mix with mini gold bunny , medium gold bunny, carrot and other Lindt product.
3. Carrot, gold bunny and egg
4. Gold bunny and egg in M size
5. Lindt egg chocolate with Gold Bunny mug. OMG. Cool
6. S size gold bunny and eggs
7. This was nice too, wanted 2 get it but seems expensive, 14.99 means $15. Inside have eggs and mini gold bunny
8. This 1 lagi geng, Msize gold bunny plus M size egg PLUS gold bunny soft toy!
9. Gold bunny chocolate in a piece form. I want it to be in a bunny shape. This 1 out.
10. This 1 look cool too. Mix withs carrots, duck, bunny and eggs.
11. Whole rack of GOLD BUNNY.
12. L size VS M size gold bunny.
Compare with other brand... There were like..... =_= I like gold bunny da most!
1. Normal egg shape
2. Nice but in egg shape
3. Bunny shape but for children
4. Also from Cadbury. For kids
5. This 1 geng, aso frm Cadbury, Gold Bunny wanna be but fail man, its annoying me in da red. Like bleeding. Yucks.
6. Same company, in blue color, i dun like it too
7. Kit Kat bunny, looks ok but target is for kids.
8. Smarties bunny, =_=
9. Another kind of bunny frm Cadbury.

This is wat i bought home. Mini gold bunny for projects and medium gold bunny for myself.

Cute cute cute!
1. 2 mini bunny pack wif a M size dark chocolate gold bunny
2. Every bunny starts from M size have a real bell with it. Soo cutee... ding ding ding to accompany u.
3. Close up to da mini bunny for my project!

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Dinner

Jz cooked something 2 eat, jz a fry mushroom with cabbage and the rice wine mushroom soup. Nth special. Hehehe....

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Where i went today?

After class, where i went? Went to Chapel street for lunch with Evonne, Jeremy, Rachel and Ming Juinn. Below is da link to view the pics.
Chapel Stree lunch 29032007


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WTF thing in you tube

Today Jeremy talk about a guy dat post his video in You Tube regarding SK II TV commercial. After i watched it, i was like WTF and laffing non stop. He have a whole series of his short videos, u guys can look for it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvDXMJX3wbkabove is da SK II TV commercial in his way, jz watch n laff bout it.

Below is da link to view all of his stupid videos.

And also, Shon Hock show me this, this is diff from those stupid video as above, this is a great werk! Have a look of it!


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Brubbbb.... Wat i ate

1. Afternoon jz ate curry with noodles = curry mee?
2. Dinner is Tom Yam fried rice cz need 2 clear off the rice for yesterday. Kekeke....

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tofu... Burb

Dinner time! Today fry tofu, ate with rice. Too full... Burbbbbb.... I feel tired and sleepy.... Sighh... How? Hmmm.... Still need 2 do assig.

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