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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lunch & Dinner

Today's breakkie was my buffday cake and lunch i cook dis, i think it will be my dinner as well.. Might be... Hehehe...

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Late nite @ lab

Last nite went back to lab with Evonne and Jeremy cz i need 2 print something. U must be wondering how come i need 2 print stuff since i major in Multimedia. Yea, dats y, caused by the so call communication practice which is 2 compile a portfolio. Its reli $ comsuming. Spent me alot for like dos.... Sighh... Wasting my precious $.... Sniff Sniff....
Many ppls at lab
I aso so happen went der

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Yesterday's 3 in 1 meal

Korean Shin instant noodles for yesterday's breaky, lunch n dinner. Huh..... Sooooooo boring ya? After 2molo, everything will be fine. Hehehehe

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Breakkie + Lunch + Dinner = my buffday BIG meal

I was so busy for my assig and this is wat i had for my birthday breaky, lunch and aso dinner. A 3 in 1 meal. Baked beans with mushrooms. The base was rice noodles. How sxxx was my birthday meal. Sniff sniff

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Monday, May 28, 2007

My midnite Buffday celebration

Its my buffday. Din expect Evonne and Jeremy will celebrate with me cz everyone was busy like hell.

While i was doin my assig, they knocked the door and i saw a cake SITTING on da chair once i open the door. Lol.... Thanks heap guys!!

Then my family n Edmund calling me via skype in da same time. After that blow da candles and cut the cake. Received pressie frm Elynn, Edmund and Edmund's mom n dad. Even FLUFFY aso SIGN on da card. Also Mr Barney, he aso sign on da card. Thahks heap guys thanks!

Here with da link for the pics we took.

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Simple and simply dinner

No mood 2 cook and eat. Simply cook something 2 fill in the stomach. Chinese soybean paste stir fry ginger with celery and mushrooms.

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Cooked Fook Chao Rice Noodles for lunch. Cz still left some basil in the fridge and i like the Fook Chao rice noodles taste so much. So... Cook again.

Mood was not that good since yesterday the MEAT's case. Untill now.

Wondering when i can finsh all my stuffs. Sigh. So sien with it and seems like no mood 2 do them. Yet, still need 2 do.

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Nitetime relaxation-FIREWORKS

Kekeke.... Bought a pack with 2 boxes of fireworks frm VicMarket. So me, Evonne and Jeremy went to da park to play with da fireworks during nite time. Its cold but we enjoyed it. So nice. Nex time buy more n play wif it. Hehehe...

Here with da link to view the pics.


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Spicy Tomyam soup

Cooked tom yam soup for dinner. Wanted it to be super spicy so i put 3 chili padi into it. But ended up not as spicy as i want. Abit dissapointed.
Close up

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OMG, i nearly eat MEAT

OMG OMG OMG, tell u wat. Just now i nearly eat MEAT. Ishhh...

The story is like this:

Jz now i cook my lunch. It was stir fry kimchi with rice cake. And another side dish i planned 2 make is steam the korean dumplings dat i bought frm City Mart yesterday. Then.... When i wanted to eat. I try a bite on it, and i feel its abnormal for me. The SMELL! Its not vege! OMG OMG.. Then i quickly spit it out. And have a look. The small small pieces of THINGY looks like MEAT! OMG!

The i throw dat into dustbin. And rush to da kitchen check the label on da packaging. And i read again n again. It doesnt contain any MEATie words inside, like pork, beef, mutton, chicken, fish, seafood. NO! DUN HV!

Den i go back 2 my room and open another dumpling to INVESTIGATE on it.

And i feel dat small small tiny pieces of THINGY reli look like MEAT!

Den i walked out n ask Evonne and Jeremy weather they 1 2 eat dumplings, cz i feel it contain MEAT!
Then dey said ok and willing to try for me. So Ended up both of them tried n aso feel its MEAT!

Conclusion is, i kena CHEATED! By da label of da dumpling! Its reli not good 2 cheat the comsumer like dat. Cz how we noe wats inside ur food. Dats y we need the label. But u din even mension it has MEAT inside. OMG. Reli.... Speechless.

Luckily i din swallow it. Phew! Here with da pics. Da nice good looking dumplings.
Close up. Doesnt seems MEATie rite.
I samo go n specially made a sauce for it.
Da main course is this, Kimchi Rice cake.
Look! And READ! Din stated it contain any MEAT!
See! Not stated there is any MEAT!
No more trusting those korean dumplings dat say no meat d. Sniff Sniff
Luckily Evonne and Jeremy willing to eat the dumplings. If not, the whole pack man, dono how 2 do with it. Thanks heap!

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Sunday Breakkie

Sunday, yea its sunday. Woke up in da morning and doesnt feel like doin anything. Made myself a simple breakkie accom by a hot chocolate. Seems enjoy ya? Yea. It is. Here with da pics with my breakkie.
Da lil bun i bought frm Coles. Filled with my mushroom cheese dat i cooked earlier. Put in microwave. Ended up like this.

Cheese melting. Yummm!

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Speechless Singapore Gangster

With da Ah Beng's Rap video. Related to this Gangster movie too. They reli got nth 2 do better den this. Reli speechless bout Singaporean. They dun allow to embed. So just paste the link for u guys.

Part 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iN6e5wy_3pw
Part 2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mf7C9gLgKcA
Part 3 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjqfaNRTXmM
Part 4 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc8C0oKXbWk
Part 5 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK4hx4aZo34
Part 6 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX8OFvaLDw0
Part 7 : dun have it. Dono y
Part 8 : Same as above.
Part 9 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0M9bHnmPQs
Part 10 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQgLHkOEifM
Part 11 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui6FhJFrpvc

They reli have the time to do all settings like pro. OMG. They even edit it nicely. Reli speechless bout them.

Singapore's Ah Beng

Found these series of Ah Beng's Rap in you tube. Reli annoying. Reli soooooo BENG. And i think those are for them 2 shake their heads after they taken the drugs

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Dinner time again! What i cooked? 自創福州乾撈河粉 であります which means self-created Fook Zao Dried Sauce Rice Noodles. Whats inside? Da BASE ofcz the rice noodles with da sauce. Da sauce made from soya sauce and basil, cook untill it bacome thick, then mix with da rice noodles. Next layer is a sitr fry mixture vege that included celery, bean sprouds, carrots, mushroom. And da last top layer is self made crispy fried tofu with abit of sesame.
Reli taste great. I love that tast. Next time cook again.

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Saturday's relaxation

Went to FGS for the dharma service as usual early in the morning but this time without Grace. Sniff sniff, cz she is sick. So i went there alone. Nth much special during the dharma service. Just that the venerable had a Q & A session instead of she starts her own topic. After that, i had my lunch there and here is my lunch. Big plate as usual too. Hehe...
Today have fried rice as the BASE, then add in 2 side dishes as usual. And a piece of Yam Cake, some fross, and a small piece of pineapple.
Close up
After dat decided to walk to Queen Victoria Market since its quite near to FGS. While i was walking, saw this building kinda nice den snap it.
Leaves r falling...
Almost reach vic market.
Saw this while i walking to vic market.
Bought a hat and a scarf. Hat frm vic market that cost Aud$10 and da scarf frm city, costAud$5. Then came back home and try them on and ACT cute. LOL.
Act cute v.02

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Tze Chuan Ma Latt Rice Noodles

Dinner time again. Wat i ate for dinner? Here with da pics. Enjoy ur dinner too. Bought a pack of frozen lotus root frm fuji mart. Here comes da lotus root soup
Da Tze Chuan Ma Latt Horr Fun (rice noodles). 1st time try on cooking this. Taste great

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OZ Mandarin

Bought a pack of Mandarin oranges from Aldi. Its quite cheap. Its product of oz. So i wanted to know how oz mandarin taste like. Isit da same with chinese mandarin that i usually eat?

Ended up it doesnt reli taste as nice as Chinese Mandarin. Its not as sweet as i thought. Or maybe wat i bought r not dat nice? No idea. Mayb...

Yet i still prefer Chinese Mandarin.
5 cute lil mandarins.
Ya ya, its product of oz
Killed one of them.

Yea, this slice no seed. Hehehe

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Yumeko の Pho

Went to Market and Aldi after class. Bought some food and decided to cook Vietnamese Pho as lunch. Hehehe.... First time cook Pho ya.

Phở, written as pho and pronounced "fuh" /fə/ or /fʌ/, is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup dish.
So i just imagine how the taste and cook it. Ended up taste not bad. Cool! Kekeke...
Da Pho (Vietnamese rice noodles soup)
Da Basil, bean sprouts, and lemon slice to add in.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Snap beans, cauliflowers and broccoli.
Close up, dats my dinner.

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Lunch @ Sophia

After class, went to Coles bought something and went to Sophia rstaurant to have my lunch, Rachel, Ming Juinn, Evonne and Jeremy were der, so i jz join. Here with my lunch cost me $5.50. Taste so so oni..... I can cook better. Wakak.
Close up
Evonne and Jeremy
Ming Juinn. Hey, wer is Rachel? 4got to take pics.

Recently try to shot pics with wide screen, look like SLR ya, lol.... Wanna be...

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Elynn buffday celebration

Its Elynn's 22nd buffday! Mailed her a pressie last week and it was so lucky that she got it by exactly today. Hehehe... It was still FRESH. Hope she like it.

Here with da link to view some of those pics they took just now.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

黄宗泽 Bosco Wong Chung Chak

Dono since when, someone said my lil cousin look like Bosco Wong. The TVB actor.
Hmmmm.... Maybe his mouth. Made a comparison for it.

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Finally they received the pressie i sent frm Melb. Here with some pics that my cousins wearing the Tiger cap. My elder cousin lost 3 of his teeth. Hehehe. Farni.

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Bak Kut Teh dinner v.04 [Last]

Da LAST bak kut teh in my fridge, finally today finish it. So nex time need to cook again if want to eat bak kut teh ya! Nice, no need 2 cook, jz heat it with microwave, good for these BUSY days.

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Monday, May 21, 2007


Missed 1 birthday celebration again. My auntie(舅母)'s birthday.Oni can c via webcam. Sniff sniff.

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Tomato dinner

Tonight feel like eating some tomato kinda sour dish. So, ended up cooked a dish with tomato sauce, with white raddish, mushrooms and lettuce. Simply and nice. Like it.

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