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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Melbourne Queen Vic Summer Night Market [28.11.2008]

Queen Victoria Market having Night Market! Thats the only night market i found in Melbourne. And they only having it during summer!

Check this site out so you wont miss out the next season of night market!

Its on every Wednesday night during summer. It started on 28th of Nov last year, we were so happened to go there. I bought my self 1 skirt and a jap style cloths, kinda cheap too! Only AUD10 each.

While waiting Evonne finish her work and come, i walked alone at the night market and found it its heaps diff from night market in Malaysia, they DRINK (for sure, oz likes to drink), heaps of international foods, handicrafts, special clothings, etc.

Below is the link to view the full album via my multiply,

You will see winessssss at the entrance

Chinese cooking?

Jeremy and Evonne

Nice costume...

Jeremy with his exy rosotto

close up

I share this with Evonne, 4got what it is but its pretty yummy.

Look at the wooden fork, cute n nice finishing...

Heaps of stalls over there.

The risotto cant satisfy Jeremy, so he got himself a saussage bun

nice spiral crystal ball

cute mouth-watering dessert, at 1st it was $2 each, it dropped till $1 when they are closing, so we get to try one of it.

They call it bird nest. its pretty sweet, not as yummy as i thought but good experience.

ARTs r available here too

Special hats but quite exy too...

Pretzel! Seems yummy but we were full...

selling lights

chewie lollies

special stuffs

sponsored by suzuki every year! Thats y they call it Suzuki Night Market.

wanna cuppa?

the stage, its getting late there, they r packing! Going back home

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Mango Tapioca Pearl Dessert [ 27.11.2007 ]

Bought a box of magoes from vic mart and guess how much it cost? AUD 2! Yes its reli cheap!!!!!

So since that day, everyday aso mango juice. Till 1 day i tought of making mango tapioca pearl dessert.

Everyone have 1 bowl of the mango dessert.


I miss those mangoes man!!!! Goshh....

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Union St reunion dinner [26.11.2007]

Had a small Union St dinner @ Yi Xiang's house. Leeq wanna drink lotus root's soup, so Evonne cooked the soup.

Roasted chics

My 1st japanese pancake.

Pretty full with it.

Beef lasagna

Mashed potatoes

garlic bread

Jeremy cutting da lasagna



Another small desk for the extra food

Dinner time!

Mashed potatoes

Lychee drinks

Jeremy playing with Yi Xiang's bean bag

Looks like snail to u?

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Its gonna be Christmas @ Chapel St [ 26.11.2007 ]

Evonne and I went to Chapel St for grocery shopping, saw Prahran town hall has some new decor. Kinda big but not reli nice.

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How fun can water be?


Really cool man! Water rocks!

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What do you reckon he SAW? Erhermmm.....

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Korean Prudential Touching TVC


Really touching ads frm Korea. One more thing need 2 mention is, they are really RICH! 5 mins man! How much it will cost?



How can you encourage a child?


Use your imagination....

Cool ad frm Jap


Pulitzer 1994 Award photo


Goshh... You really need to appreciate what you having now man... Do not waste water and food!


Community Social Justice Parade [ 24.11.2007]

It was a Saturday noon, went to the weekly dharma function and planned to go Vic Mart with Norwind. While waiting for her brother, saw this parade @ Swanston St.

Never get on this kinda carriage b4... Hmm.... Cool huh?

Community Social Justice Parade

A band

Cute costumes


Haha pig....


Hot chics?

cow or bull?


Community Social Justice Parade

Chinese costume?

After Vic mart, went back home and quickly cook my dinner cz need 2 rush to Yarraville for eight precepts retreat, few of us will over night there, due to there wont be train in da early Sunday morning.

Here is the room that we stayed, cool and nice huh?

Thats where i slept.

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