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Friday, August 29, 2008

Cool videos

Hope u enjoy them!

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My 1st Blod donation [02.12.2007]

Went for my 1st blood donation with Melb YAD1 during December in Melb. It was my very 1st time for doin blood donation, i was very nervous n worrying bout it.

They said we have to drink heaps of water before blood donation. So i did drink but seems not enuff. Cz da flow till goin slowly. Hehehe... So nex time need 2 drink heaps of water day b4 that.

Early in da morning, we gathered @ the Art gallery and went to the Australian Red Cross centre @ South Bank.

Here with da photos i took on that day.

The centre's entrance

BLOOD!!!! And its RED! ewww

BLOOD!!!! And its RED! ewww

Nice n cool

Busy filling in the form

thats me in a weird face

hmm... how will it be? will it be painful?

All 1st timer here man....

scary scary scary...

Experienced over there



Felly's turn

1st timers, hehehe....

Look at our fingers, its for the blood test. Not that pain, like ant's bite. But the worse part is coming!! OMG

Try to relax ourselves by eating bikkie, thats Norwind

Nice bikkie?

Waiting for our turn

Alan with his daughter

Thats me, eating bikkie and worrying....

Ok ok, pretend to be strong man!

Still waiting...

Free flow of water n juice. Cool

U need 2 answer da long questionnaire b4 u donate ur blood

They seems to be sooooo relax

Its a gift from OZ red cross to Fairlie. This is her 5th time to bcome a donor.


OMG OMG!!! Its my turn!!!!

ARGGG!!! The bloody niddle its CONNECTED with my arm!!! ewwww... Dun look at it! and u will feel less pain.

Look look!!!My BLOODY BLOOD!

Thats everyone there. After donating, u can hv a free milkshake and some snacks i.e. muffin. Hehehe....

Finally group photo with Rev. Guan.

Sign ur name there to wish others

Thats ours


My signature beside Norwind.

After that, we walked to SouthGate for the sunday market @ the Art Centre with someone SPECIAL.

We saw him again. Rmb him?

Damn cool


After the sunday market, we decided to have lunch @ St Kilda beach, there is a vegetarian restaurant over there and they said its quite nice. Here we go...

Reached SoulMama.


A nice restaurant which facing the famous St Kilda beach. So nice.

We sat beside the beach. Awww...


Busy restaurant....

Our food.

Kinda big portion.


The juice

Gina, me and Norwind beside the beach.

Went to the sunday market beside the beach too. It was a reli HOT day.

After that we went to Lygon for gelato to cool ourselves. Yummy... Making me missing Lygon's gelato man! So nice....

Here with the link to view the full album.



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Monday, August 25, 2008

Ikea + St Kilda beach trip [ 30.11.2007]

Sorry for not posting anything recently. I know i know some of you complaining bout it dy... Sorry ya...

So 1st of all, continue post my old last year photos.

Went to ikea with Catherine... for what? Nth... jz feel like smelling the IKEA's smell. And we were so lucky on that day, cz they r having an event for kids. Its bout christmas... Children who participate have their own dresscode, need 2 be something with christmas elements. Cool huh...

After that, we planned 2 go back home quickly change myself n continue with the next stop. Where? St Kilda beach for sunset.

But the result wasnt so good as we thought, cz its bit too late and the beach kinda dirty too. Hmmm.... So we went to Luna Park nearby to have a look. Nth much interesting @ Luna Park. Luckily we din pay for that. Hehehe....

After that, we went to Acland St for a walk. Kinda happening st near the beach. Heaps of ppl enjoying their night over there.

Click on the link below for the full album.


More updates will be here soon, so stay tune! Wakakak...

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