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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cameron trip pics

Finally! Here comes the Cameron trip photos!

Cameron pics link

Click on the link for the pics!


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cute honey bun

Love this flash soooooooooo much, so damn cute. Kekekek

Friday, January 05, 2007

Wai Yee's 2006 Birthday Celebration @ Legend Hotel lunch buffet [ 26.11.2006 ]

Although Wai Yee's birthday is on 30th of Nov, but she decided to celebrate her bday earlier on 26th. She treated us a buffet lunch @ Legend Hotel. We worried it will be very jam on dat day, so me and Edmund, Aaron and K Hoe planned to go der by LRT. Here we are in da LRT. Posted by Picasa

On da way to Legend

Finally reach

Can have a good scene frm da window

Frm left: Ah Lun, T Yuen, Mk, Mk's bro -- Kit and Aaron.
Posted by Picasa


Loving bird

See K Hoe, y smile till so sweet, but look at V Keat, seems like jealousing. Hahahahha

Adui......... See how those auntie treat da ais kacang machine? OMG... Am i in a hotel? And those Hotel ppl seems like dun reli care. Its reli disgusting wen u c dis.
 Posted by Picasa


Is this still call salad?


Ermmmm...... So call tart Posted by Picasa

Kuih area

Cooking pan cake


Aaron and Edmund
 Posted by Picasa

Wat la this!

Me and Edmund

KL Scenary

Happy Birthday! Posted by Picasa







Happy with da shoe?


All diff expression


Hapi laffing


Wah wah.... Paying for wat?


Arggggg....... Dun kill Xiao Qing...... Wakkakakkaka


Aaron smoking by leaning agains da pillar.


Edmund's 25th bday countdown @ his home [ 25.11.2006, 12am ]

Coming out frm room! Look like ghost ya? Wakakaka.... On da nite, he dono i will come over to celebrate wif him, cz on that nite i need 2 go temple. But i asked my aunt to help me bought dat cake, den after temple, sent my aunt dem home den my mom send me 2 Edmund's home. Surprise! Wakakkakakkaak..... Happy Birthday!


So happy? Sweet anot?


Bday ca~kie


Make a wish , mk a wish


I will hufff, and pufff................ And blow your house down!


Cutting his tiramisu


His pressie mountain


Me and Bunny


Edmund and Fluffy


Daddy mummy and son


Brother and sisterS (including da bitch) Wakakakakaka, its mmg bitch maaaa.... 0__0


Start to open pressie! 1st is frm his mum, a red packet. Guess wats inside it??


A Mr Bean bear? Wakakakakakak


In side da red packet, still got 1 red packet..... Kekekekeke




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