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Friday, June 29, 2007

Puffing Billy, Dangdenong and Yarra Valley 1 day trip [26.06.2007]

Finally da pics to Puffing Billy, Dangdenong and Yarra Valley Winery are uploaded!!!

Here with da link.

Its reli a great trip. I love it so much, thks for u guys dat go with me, without u guys, my trip wun be great like this!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dinner soup

Simply cook a soup for dinner since i m not too hungry.

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Day tour purchasing day

Yesterday went to da city to purchase our day tour ticket from haf-tix. Which is all day tour only half price of da display.


U need 2 go da day after u make ur payment. So we were planning 2 go for a day tour da next day!

But, after all, i still not sure wer m i goin for da day tour. I only remember Puffing Billy.

Nvm, 2molo will noe it.

After dat, we headed to eat Malaysian food @ Sambal Kampung.
Da chinese style menu.
Jeremy busy help us taking down our order.
Da interior.
Another corner
Da small counter @ upstairs
Plain water.
Ming Juinn's food, look like vegetarian food ya? But NOT! Contained CHICKEN.
Rachel and Evonne waiting their food
Jeremy's Bak Kut Teh
Preparing to eat.
Evonne's sweet chili park rip i think.
Rachel's Sweet and Sour pork, means Gu Lou Yoke.
My Loh Hon Zai.
With da white rice.
Ming Juinn busy talking on da phone and Jeremy was imitating him.
Me and Rachel
Da outlook of da restaurant. Look at da uncle dat jz walked out frm da restaurant.
After dat we walk along Lil Bourke Street and found this! Its a big circle with Chinese lanterns. Neva notice this since i came here, cz i neva walk to dat far.
Rachel and Ming Juinn looking for a apartment hotel for their parents.
Decor inside da hotel
Punt Hill Apartment Hotel.
Another part of da decor
Evonne @ da lobby
Me @ da lobby
Da Chinese style monumental archway. Seems like i'm @ China
A Chinese tea house. Da name is a song's name.
Jeremy and Evonne with da monumental archway
My turn
All girls
Found a museum too. OZ chinese museum.
Need admittion to go in. So, forget bout it.
Take a photo wat inside look like.
Da stone lion infront of da museum, its a gift from China, Tian Jin goverment to OZ. Same as da one we saw in da garden.
We tend to take a photo by ourselves but it doesnt seems success.
So, look for somebody else to help us.
Close up abit of da monumental archway
Another monumental archway which is representing da China Town. Not as nice as da previous 1.
After dat, we walk around da city and we found this giant Winnie da Pooh @ Myer.
Isnt it cute?
Went to a sport's wear shop and Jeremy put those thing on him and seems like he went to ski d.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Dinner time!

Mushroom soup as dinner.

And also Ally's salad wrap.

*PS: incase u 4got who is Ally, she is my landlady which will send us food quite often.

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My S N O O P Y!!!

Another thing i bought frm da Chapel Street shopping.
Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa... S N O O P Y!!!!! Cost me $5 each! original price was $19.90!
Front view of dem.
Top view
Side view
Another side view!

Specially thanks Jeremy for telling me of this discount thingy, if not i wun get to buy dem. Thks heap!

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My new bag!

This is wat i bought frm Jam Factory!!!!! Its a hand bag! Wanted to buy one since ages ago but couldnt find any. One type is its too exp. Another type is i dun like it.

So! Finally!!! Tada!!!
Here is my new bag! Cost me $20 for it.
It has many ways to carry it, as above is as a back pack with 1 stripe.
Another type back pack style with 2 stripes. Isnt it cool? I love it so much!
U see da zip?
but if i unzip it......
Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa.... It become bigger and can store more things! Reli reli cool n i love it sooooooooo much! Wakakakak....

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