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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bad News? Good News?

Last Tuesday just get to deal with a freelance job, should be happy right? But Wednesday I'hv received a damn bad news.

Whats that? My grandmother kena stroked. Huh.... My heart drop to the bottom when i heard this from my mom once I finished my work. It was so so so....... Kenot say surprise but shock. I didnt expect this to happy or maybe too soon? She was so healthy just maybe sometimes legs pain.

How did this happened? Last Wednesday(23.08.2006) noon, when my aunt helpped my grandma with her shower, she suddenly fell down. Not really fell down but knee down. She can't moved and scared my aunt, my aunt can't move her cz too heavy. Aunt ran to neighbour and ask for help. Her customer came to help with her hubby. They were so nice, carried my grandma to lie on the bed and asked the clinic doctor that at downstairs come to check up. Aunt's customer teach her how to take care and what should she prepare.

Few hours later, the doctor that always check up for my grandma came, she came there by taxi and don't want us to pay her back da taxi fare. She was so great. My aunt was very close to her thats why look like friends more then doctor and patient. The doc said it is not a serious stroke but we need 2 prepare. Maybe God will take her away from us. That was so sad.

But if we think deeply, it might be good for her if God can bring her to heaven. Cz now she is suffuring, she can't walk, can't sit up by herself, everything need help by us. She feel sad and useless for herslef i know that. Although we didnt think like that. Everyday she need to pretent like not suffuring infront us, she worry 2 bring us problems. My grandma is a great women.

Till today, almost 1 week, she still alife, still can talk clearly. Her mind still clear. But i can feel that she is suffuring. Hope she can release all this soon, ya, it seems to be so cruel that wish my own grandma to die but I dont want to see her suffer.

Hope Amitabha will come to bring you to heaven. I will miss you for sure. Muacks!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Movie updates

Long time din blog bout the moviesssss i'hv watched recently. Huh... Quite some movies i'hv watched. Besides, tonssss of photo i'hv taken but hvn blog it out. Huh... Really bz....

Movies that i'hv watched are like....

The Fast and the furious-Tokyo drift, wow this 1 really long time ago. Shows that i really long time din update the blog. Haha. A movie talking bout cars and chicz. Loved by clam-ism.

Superman return, nothing special bout it. Normal superman story.

Dragon Tiger Gate, a chinese movie that i wanted to watch it long time ago but out come is not that satisfy.

Dorm, a Thai Ghost story that is not that scary but touching. Talking about friendship. I like it.

Re-cycle, a chinese ghost story that was scary in the beginning but ended up is about RECYCLE as its title. But it has a moral behind it.

Click, a funny comedy bout a remote controler. It was very funny but i din expect there are some touching parts that can make my tears dropped in the cinema. I like it very much.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Seriously, I dun like HIM

HIM, a guy with a stupid looking of mustache. A guy that holding a so call full power in HIS occupied land. A guy that HE think HE is the king in HIS occupied land. So, you know who HE is?

Seriously, i dun like HIM.

Why? Many cases cause this. And... Recently added 1 more case.

Case No 'N':

Date: 10-08-2006

That day was a bad day or can say it is not my day. In the morning, my honey bunny was late for his work. I felt I am so extra and useless cz cant even wake him up although i asked him not to sleep back after my morning call. I even feel angry bout him always cant wake up on time.

Then when i reached office, HE threw me 2 new 'thing' but didnt say when HE need it. So I jz leave it in the corner due to there were tons of 'things' i need to complete by that day.

I cant finish a client's things cz it is too many shits happens and he need it by that day. So I decided to bring it home to continue it. I feel it is better than stay on HIS land. Later sure more shits happen.

Then, i went to FF with Elynn and attended bodyjam class that made me feel better. After that, we went to walk around in that area. I saw a cute mobile phone hanger. Hehe... That made me feel better and better. Suddenly, my mobile rang. It was that song i specially install for HIM. Sigh, it was HIM.

HE ask whether i had finish the 2 'things' that HE pass to me this morning. I answered NO. HE replied 'OK, so... nth la.' This call really spoilt my 'better' mood to 'worse' mood.

After few minutes, i received a sms that sent by HIM. HE typed with HIS 'king-ism' slang said that HE need the 2 'things' by tomorrow morning. What a joke, does HE know what time it is? Does HE know i burned the files back and gonna do HIS others 'things' at home for gaining nothing? Obviously HE doesnt know it.

I was so upset and replied HIM: ' I really cant make it for you. Sorry, cz now i at home still doing XXX's thing.'

HE didnt reply anymore after this.

HE really think I'm so FREE and doing nothing in HIS occupied land? HE think I'm doing nothing but still receiving REWARD from HIM?

What the fish is this?

Even client know how to appreciate my things. I sms the client informed that i will only send the 'things' to him by tomorrow and i will bring back home to werk it out. The client replied me not need tomorrow morning, can make it till noon 3pm. And asked me to rest more.

A outsider know how to appreciate but HIM, the KING, doesnt know how to appreciate.

After read HIS sms, my mood rate drop to the deepest point. Sighhh..... Reli feel like crying on that time, but i hold it. Cz cant cry in the public right?

When i reached my honey bunny's home, I told him all bout HIM. I cried. It was too much for it. How i wish i can fly now and leave his occupied land immediately. Sigh... Still need to wait for few months. Urgggggggggggggggggg.....

Thats how a poor people's life is. Need to listen to the KING.

If I am the KING, i won't be as annoying as HIM. I won't let myself become like that. Never ever! NO NO.



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