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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

AUD5 buffet [13.11.2007]

Shuo Mei purposely came to Prahran to visit our exhibition.

After that she went for a short Swinburne tour.

Then only we went to the city to have lunch. Went to a veggie restaurant that provides $5 buffet @ Swanston St.

The indian curry with rice n papadams. You can refill if you want to, but i never refill before cz its already very full when you finished the 1st palte.

Shuo Mei eating her rice.

Free refill drinks.

There is the counter where you pay and get your food

Many people having their lunch there.

The desert.

A: 123 Swanston Street, first floor, Melbourne VIC 3000

C: 03 9650 2939

Vegetarian Indian & International.
Vegan options. Hare Krishna. Buffet. All-you-can-eat lunch (lunch only).
Opening from 11am - 3pm

Its only $5 for concession. Where can you get this kinda price for a buffet or even a lunch?

There is another vegetarian restaurant in Swanston St. But i never try, its slightly more exy then the one we tried. You can try it one day if u want to.

A: 139 Swanston Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

C: 03-9650-1578

Vegetarian Indian and International. Vegan options. All-you-can-eat buffet.
Menu: Rice, curries, breads, Lasagna, samosas, salads, soups, pasta and very good desserts.
Comments: Laid-back place. Good food and atmosphere. Good prices. Fast service.
Price: $-$$.

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Ceiling changing @ FGY Art Gallery [ 10.11.2007 ]

November 2007, FGY Melbourne Art Gallery had some renovation and clean up session. Following by some photos on the day we changed the ceiling in the main shrine.

Do you know how it looks like when its empty?


Busy cleaning up

Pretty dusty. Everyone wearing a mask.

Sweeping the floor

Those dharma brothers from Yarraville changing the ceiling.

Part of them have been done!

Wow.... So white n looks new.

Here are the old ones.

Happily working.

Hard chores

cool vacuum ya? Can carry it any where.

Almost done!

Moving out the old fridge to Yarraville

Dinner time! We went to a Korean restaurant to have our dinner.

Wanna drink water?



Norwind and Gina

The guys drinking water


What song r u listening?


The side dishes from the Bi Bim Bap

Here is the Bi Bim Bap

Erm... I 4got what is this. Something go with fried chicken with spicy sauce.

Alan with his cold noodles.

The Bi Bim Bap with the spicy sauce.

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Coffee & Cocoa [8.11.2007]

Missing days in Melbourne, especially Coffee & Cocoa. One day in Nov, Jeremy found something cute with them.

Coffee hid in the small tunel.

See... So cute...

Both in the kiwi's container.

Once u put them back to their house, they will hide inside the straws.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Chinese words 2

Remember these chinese words?

Got the answers yet? Hehe... Some of u oni got 1 or 2 answers. Some of u none....

Here u go with the full set answers.

hàn 义未详。

/ fán

guǎ 古同。从刀,(kuā)声。割肉离骨。


jiǒng 象窗口通明。光明。

tiān 古同

xuān | sòng 古同,大声呼叫。| 古同,诉讼。

/ wàn 佛教相传的吉祥的标帜。来自梵文,义为吉祥万德之所集


啙窳(zǐ yǔ) = 懒惰。

yán 。高峻的山崖。

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炸蛋- Serious man! In TW

一般人認為蛋微波之前,只要剝了殼就不會危險, 但台中有2位民眾被這種微波加熱的蛋炸傷;他們吃冰過的水煮蛋和滷蛋,微波之後放進嘴裡一咬, 高溫蛋黃直接在嘴裡炸開,燙破了十幾個洞,足足治療半個月才康復。

1分鐘,放進嘴裡一咬意外發生。 陳女士:「咬一口『波』一聲,喔,整個嘴都爆炸,真的是叫爆炸。」 滷蛋在嘴裡炸開,高溫蛋黃直接燙破陳女士嘴唇、口腔破了十幾個洞,醫治半個月才康復。 陳女士:「嘴唇的附近全部都破了,而且好幾天完全不能吃一點東西。」

林先生:「蛋( 從微波爐)拿出來沒有爆掉,我想說OK沒有問題,結果拿到嘴邊一吃,它整個蛋就爆開來了。」 蛋黃蛋白嘴裡爆開,嚇壞了陳先生。 林先生:「蛋爆開來啦!真的變成『炸蛋』啦。」




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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dom Dom Ads

This is an ad from HK. Promoting the usage of condom. Funny, have a look!


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Friday, April 11, 2008

Star King! Five Year Old Blind Genius Pianist

Checked my hotmail and found out MayLyn sent me this video.
She said:
This girl can touch everyone's heart. 100% inspiration!!!

no kidding.. cant help T.T
Its true! Watch with your own eyes!



Do you realise how blessed we are? You can read what i blogged, but did u ever appreciate what u having now?

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Special Day in Melb [ Nov 2007 ]

Someday in Nov last year, went to Melb city with Evonne. She wanted to get her hair done. We know there were few cheap salons at Elizabeth St.

Waiting Evonne @ the corner Flinders and Elizabeth St cz she need to work on that day.

Heaps of pigeons infront of the tram stop.

Finally reached the salon which u can cut ur any hairstyle for $13.95! Cheap ya!

Actually Evonne just need to trim her hair. Shouldn't be a big problem!

The fat white lady started her work!

Tada!!!! Done! Pretty fast yay!


Although its cheap, its not under expectation!

Pretty is here!

After that, we went to have a short shopping in the city. We went to Big W and guess what we got for ourselves? Heheheh.....

U'll know soon...

And when i got home, received this thingy from DHL. Whats inside?

Remember i blogged something bout my Nokia mobile's battery? Here is the link:

They said they will collect the old battery back and i was wondering how they will collect it back? Hmmm... And here is the answer when i received the 2nd deliver from DHL.

They gave you another DHL bag, then 1st u wrap your old battery with the bubble wrap.

There was an instruction guide for you!

After that put the old battery into a impraboard and put it into a bag.

Then oni u put it into the DHL bag.

After that, you have to call DHL to collect the thing frm your house but its free!

After that, look what we played with Jeremy's ball? kekekeke

Dont ever say Evonne is heavy ok? The ball was ok after she stood on it! No problem at all! Can u do it as well?


Well ok, remember i said we went to Big W and bought something? Mine cost me $9.82 which means $9.80 after rounded. Whats that?

A shoe! This is Evonne's new shoe! Hers is abit more exy. $13.95. Yet still cheap huh?

Pretty isnt it?


Leng lui

Added in mine!

Like it very much!

Try on Evonne's shoe.

We both exchanged.
And mine!

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